2 thoughts on “Simon Necronomicon Lesson 7: The Gods Are Forgetful And Very Far Away

  1. Magick La Croix says:

    Great post and great lesson brother. This is my main issue with the so called occult community…they have brought the streets to the occult and are pimping it out for money and to have a name for themselves and to be the biggest and baddest out there. But the occult was never about that…it was ALWAYS about spiritual growth, ascension and helping the community. It was for helping those who couldn’t help themselves or go to the authorities. This lesson resonated with me deeply as I have stayed true to the sciences….

    1. Exactly! I know there are people who deserve monetary exchange for their time in this video wasn’t made to slight that paradigm. Everyone can eat and benefit from the waters of Enki. However, as you mentioned some people just play with magick for dubious reasons. Usually, you can tell those that love what they are doing from the gimmick.

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