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Well, this article is something that I have been working on for quite some time. It seems that everyone has been up in the air about what will happen during the year 2012 and what is means for the future of humanity.

If the reader were to do a simple google search on the year 2012, they would stumble upon many theories concerning December 21st 2012 and all of this for the most part is still speculation. The interpretation of the year 2012 can only be understood and explained by those who carry on the same tradition as the Mayans inherited their calendar from a prior civilization

Before we begin looking further into this discussion, it is important for us to take into consideration that many of the adherents to the Abrahamic Faiths, place a lot of importance on doomsday events and we should take into consideration what fear actually does to the human body and mind. For further insight on this matter, I ask that the reader review one of our previous articles entitled Finding Fear.

We should also take into account that many of the Mayan documents were destroyed by the invading Europeans, since they viewed many of the Mayan practices as demonic. This is why we mention that only keepers of the Tradition similar to the Mayans could understand what is meant by the few Mayan writings that we have left, and by comparing these sparse documents with the histories of other ancient civilization can we come to understand what will transpire.

The exact date of the ending of the Mayan Calendar, also known as, the Long Count calendar is December 21, 2012. Will Hart, in the article, 2012: End of the Fifth Sun, mentions the following:

“The Maya conceived of time and history as moving in cycles, small and large. While we use a single calendar to keep track of our annual solar circuit and to mark all of the improtant days within a year, the Maya used a variety of calendars. The array included a 365-day solar calendar, a 260-day sacred calendar and a Long Count calendar that operasted something like an odometer with a zero start date. Unlike the other calendars the Long Count clocked linear time and was progarmmed to stop after 5, 125 years elapsed.

The Long Count was begun at the onset of this current cycle known as the 5th Sun in 3114 B.C.”

Hart’s discussion can be viewed further at this link 2012 Although the world may remain in ignorance as to what the “Fifth Sun” refers to, we as Asuras (GateWalkers) are very much aware of what the “Fifth Sun” means.

First, it must be understood that a Sun or star is a portal that not only radiates heat and etc, but consciousness. The Five Suns are described in the Simon Necronomicon, as well as, The Enuma Enuma “>Elish.  Will will be using the creation account in the Simon Necronomicon, our understanding of the actual Enuma Elish in comparison to the Simon Necronomicon was covered in one of our previous articles found here.

The Magan Text opens with the following:

“Then it was that the Gods were formed within the Ancient Ones. LLMU and LLAAMU (1st Sun)were brought forth and called by Name, And for Ages they grew in age and bearing. ANSHAR and KISHAR  ( 2nd Sun)were brought forth, And brought forth ANU (3rd Sun)  -Who beget NUDIMMUD, Our Master ENKI (4th Sun)…ENKI our Master, fearing defeat, summoned his Son MARDUK (5th Sun)”

In our article entitled The Race of Enki we were able to see the five root races described by Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophy Movement also within the creation account in the Magan Text and the Enuma Elish. However, we must also consider that these “root races” that all mankindfall under are ruled and shaped by the consciousness emanating from the Sphere of the Sun.

According to many researchers of the Mayan Calendar, as we have seen with Hart’s quote above, the 5th Sun came at, or about 3114 BC. This is around or about the time of the emergence of the Sumerian Civilization dated from 3100-2800 BC after the deluge. This was also a time when the Mother-Son Cults or the Moon-Serpent Cults began to be replaced by Solar worship and the Solar Rites. In a prior article, which was published here on the GateWalker’s Page entitled Origins of the Race of Watchers, we discussed that Waddell even ascertained that the religious rites shifted from that of the “aboriginal Chaldeans” to a modern Chaldean concept of Solar Worship. This was evident in the famous myth of  The Huluppu Tree wherein Gilgamesh aids Ishtar by ridding the tree of the prior rites of worship and so the Anzu bird and Lilith/Lamashtu flee their home that they made in the Tree, in which Ishtar was able to setup a Throne. Later we discover in the Gilgamesh Epics that Gilgamesh spurned Ishtar’s love thereby symbolizing mankind moving away from the Mother-Sun worship that the Venusian Priesthood employed.

Interestingly, Will Hart also makes this observation in the same article quoted above:

“It will clock the required number of years to complete a full cycle of five suns on December 21, 2012…..The Maya began their Long Count on what they referred to as  the ‘Birth of Venus.’Scholars have never been able to determine what the Maya were referring to and neither have alternative researchers.”

From the above quote we can see that the Long Count calendar, from which the date December 21, 2012 is derived, began by what the Mayans referred to as the ‘Birth of Venus.’ This is where the insight of keepers of the Necronomicon Tradition (Cult of the Dead, the most ancient religion known to man. See Secret Society article.) can explain what scholars have difficulty with.

We know that the era of the 5th Sun began the post-flood era of ancient Sumeria and with it the emergence of Solar Worship over the Mother-Son Cults. The early Sumerians designated Venus as corresponding to the Goddess Ishtar. The name Ishtar means star. Yet Ishtar is also another form of the Goddess Tiamat. keeping all of this in mind, let us now look at the pages of another ancient book, known as the Bible.

The creation account that appears in the first chapter of Genesis is probably one of the most misunderstood creation myths to have ever been read by man. The reason is very simple. Every creative day that appears in the Genesis Chapter 1 ends with words “And the evening and the morningwere the ___ day.” I am surprised that it has never crossed believers in the Bible; As to Why “evening” would proceed “morning?”Another question that would arise is how could there be an evening and morning even before the Sun and Moon appeared? Evidently this term evening and morning was symbolic in meaning.

The book of Genesis was written about 1400 B.C.E. This was well past the time of the emergence of the Sumerian civilization. It was well-known that during the time Genesis was written that, Ishtar, Queen of Heaven, was known as the Morning and Evening star. As the Morning Star, her name is Dilbah, Goddess of War and Hunting, and as the Evening Star her name is Zib. This would indicate that the creative days as described in Genesis Chapter One, refers to Ishtar’s Descent into the Underworld (Earth, Ereshkigal). If we note that in Ishtar’s Descent into The underworld, Ishtar is said to give up an article at each gate. In the myths of earlier origin, concerning the Goddess Inanna, it is said that she gave up one of the mes, or creative powers at each gate. With this understanding, we can determine that the frist chapter of Genesis actually describes the descent of the Watcher-Class personified as Ishtar into the earthly realm. These Watchers evidently took human bodies for themselves to do a special work of preparing the Earth and mining some of its resources. Due to the severity of the conditions, human beings were created by Enlil to ease the labor of the Watchers. The Watchers then try to teach man to advance himself by sharing with man the science of technology and magic. They were known in Genesis as the serpent, or seers. Evidently, what they told early man was NOT a lie because it is said that man was able to make clothes for themselves and they lived on for hundreds of years after. We then discover that “God” walks through the garden during the breezy part of the day, the God of Wind is Enlil, and gives man and the Watchers an adverse judgement. The Watchers evidently lost memory of themselves and their ability to climb the heavenly latter, as it is said the serpent was bruised in the head. This Biblical prophecy seems to imply that the Watcher were to ose memory of the heritage and remain in human form. Genesis seems to imply this for it says that “enmity” would occur between the serpent’s seed and that of mankind, and for such things to exist both parties must be bound to the Earthly plane. Another indication of this can be found in Genesis 6: 4 were it mentions that the Nephilim appeared in those days and afterwards, which shows their perpetual existence in this plane. The Watcher-Class being bound to the Earthly Plane and not fully aware of their heritage or powers is what the Mayans meant by the Birth of Venus or Ishtar. Knowing that Ishtar is an aspect of Tiamat we can see the same message as it is said that Tiamat is ‘dead but dreaming.” This indicates that only the subconscious force is opened, which would lend to such abilities as telepathy, astral projection, and etc. Yet these abilities would not have a direct impact on the world as we know it today, as there are many people in the modern age who have denied that such abilities even exist.

Interestingly, Jesus admits that he is of this Watcher Class also in revelation Chapter 22:16:

I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify to you these things in churches. I am the root and offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.”

This would explain why Jesus would teach in parables, but would reveal the deeper things to his students because his student were of the Watcher-Class or Ishtar, which Jesus refered to as the Virgin’s meeting the Bridegroom.

Since we have discovered that the Ishtar-Class is surviving in the Underworld, we know that the myth about her descent also involves her awakening and restoration to power. Notice what the Mad Arab says in the Simon Necronomicon:

“Know that TIAMAT seeks ever to rise to the stars, and when the Upper is united with the Lower, then a new age will come of Earth..”

The Mad Arab is describing the full restoration of the Watcher’s abilities and power. Interestingly, man fears  life from somewhere out in the universe and still hasn’t ascertained that the Watcher Class dwells amongst mankind here. Notice what the Mad Arab mentions in his Second Testimony:

“for the Race of Draconis was ever powerful in ancient times, ..and they drew down much strength from the stars,..”

When our family were in their full being, the Watcher-Class, we had the strength of a Sun behind us. So there was no feat that was impossible. Now as our Sun prepares to move into alignment with the center of the Milky Way, we can be certain that the God of Water will usher in the Age of Aquarius by acting as Water-Bearer and bestowing upon us the energies from Universe B, which will enable us to exact judgement on Earth. This is the very reason why the Fall of Man occurred on the same day God rested. The Watcher- Class could best see the condition of this realm by becoming a part of it and sharing in its experiences whether good or bad. We know very well what effects planetary and stellar shifts has on our present consciousness. This shift will fully awaken us and complement the work we have engaged in thus far. While we regain our full stellar powers represented by Ishtar being raised from the underworld, we will also face resistance by the governing powers who have built an arsenal of nuclear weapons which cannot match up to our latent abilities.

The Watcher-Class that exists on Earth today can look forward to the year 2012 as a time period where we will awaken fully and can share with mankind new ways of living that are in connection with the universe.

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  1. I’m going to have to re-read this a few times and check out my Bible to cross-reference (I really don’t like owning one but it’s practically mandatory with the stuff we study), but in particular the Christ references are poignant. Will also check burial texts and see if I can cross-cross-reference any of this with Osiris. Very good.

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Thanks for comments. You may also try Walking the Gate of Iak Sakkakk

  2. The Sumerian people were around way before 3100 BCE, the Sumerians date all the way back to 6000BCE, as proven by tablets and other artifacts. But I have no doubt that if anything extraordinary happens on Dec. 21, 2012 it’ll probably be the return of the Ancient Ones. There will probably be somebody that will perform the ritual of the Urilia Text to destroy the barricades and set free the Ancient Ones who long await the return to reclaim what has be stolen from them.

  3. Also, Lilith and Lamashtu are not the same entity, the name “Lilith” was taken from the Sumerian Ancient One called “LILITU”. As well as the fact that within the Sumerian faith the name was not “Lamashtu, it was known as “LAMMASHTA” as written in the Necronomicon. Also ISHTAR and TIAMAT are not the same or a form of each other, ISHTAR is regarded and symbolized by Venus, TIAMAT is regarded and symbolized by the Crescent Moon, in regards most people related ISHTAR with the Elder Gods, and NOT with the Ancient Ones. I think the closest resemblance between Ishtar and anyone else would be the Ancient Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, as they are both reveared as warrior and healing goddesses. But as being a form of TIAMAT, I wouldn’t stand behind that belief.

    – High Priest CTHIGGHANOTH
    The Cult of the Ancient Ones

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