On October 1st, 2020 at 21:05 UTC, we celebrate another full moon culminating in the sign of Aries. This Harvest Moon will usher into our lives an opportunity to reset some of our routines and ultimately welcome the new while ousting the old. The full moon always offers us an opportunity to reexamine how our subconscious mind influences our day-to-day reality. This may mean determining what emotions are good to hold on to and the ones that are not.

Living up to its name as a Harvest Moon, the Aries full moon can finally show ways in which one’s work is finally paying off. It’s a good time for meditation and perhaps even a spontaneous moment of romance. The journey gets a bit more interesting we are bound to see a reflection of Mars’ retrograde, which is also occurring in Aries. Remain cool and prepare for your next big adventure. Enjoy!


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