Camilo Navarro Quelquejeu, popularly known by the pseudonym CIENFUE has released his anticipated first full-length English-language album named Life in the Tropics available now digitally and on physical vinyl to celebrate Record Store Day. The Panamanian artist’s 12-track effort comes after the release of “Open Her Eyes (Eyes Wide Open Remix)” by the legendary vocalist Lilo Sanchez of Señor Loop.

Life in the Tropics is a fabulous effort that incorporates a rich blend of both organic and electronic instrumentation with a consistent blend of acoustic guitars and electronic elements against a cultural backdrop of down-tempo melodies and atmospheric sounds. Songs like “Serene”, “Riding the Waves” and “On the Back of Your Neck” afford Cienfue and opportunity to showcase his vocals and build upon the album’s colorfulness. Life in the Tropics by CIENFUE is nothing less than a masterpiece and certainly a way to inject a sense of originality into today’s music industry.


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