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Sweet Fantasy by Faith


Based out of Los Angeles, R&B singer and songwriter Faith is capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts with her new single Sweet Fantasy from her upcoming EP, which is set to drop in late October, entitled “Lanmou Island.” Faith’s affinity with music began during her youth. She formed her first girl group around eight years of age and would later join a women’s acapella choir in high school. Faith’s rhythmic intuitiveness and professionalism have aided the songstress in the cultivation of her distinct sound.

Sweet Fantasy is a soulful song with a lively grove. Musically, the track is formulated by a hard-edged drum pattern and melodic bass. The tune enters into another dimension with each word that emerges from Faith’s mouth in song. She has an electrifying voice that sets the roof on fire while bringing down heaven on earth. Sweet Fantasy captures the art of flirting and the pleasures of romanticism against the backdrop of having fun on the dancefloor. Sweet Fantasy is currently climbing the Digital Radio Tracker Global Top 150 Independent Airplay chart and still more good on the way. Salute!