Once again Mercury, the messenger of the gods, will be making its final and third retrograde, beginning in Scorpio (11o 40′) on October 14 at 1:05 am Universal Time, and on October 13 at 9:05 pm EDT and 6:05 pm PDT. The planet of communication will go direct in Libra on November 3 at 5:50 pm Universal Time, 12:50 pm EST, and 9:50 am PST.

Traditionally, Mercurial retrogrades signify at times when things related to communication, commerce, finance, health, and travel. Of course, the effects of such stellar movements must be analyzed in conjunction with one’s natal chart to understand specific undertakings occurring in an individual’s life. It is interesting to note, however, that those who have achieved a level of initiation into the zodiac spheres, often receive harvests during the time of retrograde.

Mercury retrograde in the sign of Scorpio is highly transformative. We can consider this an opportunity to let go of the old and embrace new ideas and new ways of looking at life. If we have an unresolved issue with an ex-lover, this is a favorable time to find resolve as visitors from our past seem to move back into our lives when plants go backward, especially since Scorpio is associated with sex and death. This visitation may include thoughts of deceased relatives and the ways in which they still affect us may come to light. The main thing is to avoid paranoid leanings, resentment, and carelessness. In the world at large, expect the unexpected politically. This transit’s saving grace is recognizing the area of life that you are called to service.



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