Musician and songstress Becky Kapell is certainly an amazing example of how music can come into our lives. One day she decided to pick up her son’s guitar and began teaching herself to play at the tender age of 42. She eventually started to write songs and release her own recordings. Currently, the Minnesota-based diva has strummed up some amazing work and is set to release her new single  “I Don’t Know” from the new album titled: “In It to Win It” on November 6th, 2020.

Produced by Paul Bergen and written by Becky Kapell, I Don’t Know is a moving offering and fusion of Americana and alternative rock amid and overcast of bluesy vibes that easily draw the listener into its dimension of earth-tone sounds. I Don’t Know’s soundscape incorporates traditional rock instrumentation of guitar, bass, and drums, but presents a structure that is refreshingly unique due to accents of a swelling guitar. Becky’s sincere taste of chorale makes I Don’t Know everything that we want out of music.


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