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Old Fashion Romance by Ayeasha Jones


The beautiful voice of soulster Ayeasha.sets the music world on fire with her new song Old Fashion Romance. Ayeasha Jones is often noted for her fabulous voice and unique style of chorale that is reminiscent of a post-modern Billy Holiday. This vibrant songbird is a single mother, who works full time as a Crisis Intervention Specialist for the homeless and domestic violence survivors, she has poured herself into her clients, her children, and the artists she has sung behind for years. “Old Fashion Romance,” which she wrote and arranged (and sang her own background vocals!) is a jazzy style R&B number that is in essence a dream for herself.

Old Fashion Romance possesses a stirring rhythm that draws from elements of jazz, r&b, and soul. Its warmth blossoms from a sonic terrain that incorporates a deep-seated bassline and festive percussion. Touches of brass that wavers throughout the track add tremendous depth and class to the production. Of course, the icing on the cake is Ayeasha’s fabulous vocal performance. Not only is her voice a vehicle of healing, but inspires the listener to reap the self-esteem that demands an Old Fashion Romance.