The alternative pop-rock sensation known as Hemisphere has released a new avant-garde album titled American Dreams. The project is comprised of eleven tracks that explore many practical themes of living. The album hosts a refreshing live band terrain and retro soundscape. Hemisphere is one band that utilizes its musical ability to inject positivity and happiness into society. I became acquainted with the group during my review of their single Transmission, which appears on this album.

American Dreams is a beautiful sonic journey that promotes the richness of life and country. The album opens up with a vibrant track titled America, which turns out to be a bright and festive way to begin this journey. America is a heavenly track and epitomizes much of the album’s musical premise via its live instrumentation that captures arrangements of brass, flute, and etc. Hemisphere is often noted for drawing elements from folk, jazz, pop, r&b, and rock, to name a few. The band also pulls from calypso and folk on occasion.

Hemisphere’s global approach to music has birthed an album with strong continuity and practical meaning. Other tracks like Home and Sky Full of Stars keep us enchanted with the exoticness of American Dreams. Each song seems to fit into the next like pieces of a puzzle while staying committed to its own originality and it is for this reason that we are obliged to call America Dreams a masterpiece.

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