One of my favorite heavy metal bands, Song of Love is back with a new album entitled Orgasm Planet. I had the honor of reviewing Stagger The Devil by Song of Love back in March of 2018. The band’s creativity is beyond measure, especially when we consider the fact that the group’s composer Fabian is also the band’s bass player, guitar player, drummer, and singer. Exactly!

Orgasm Planet is composed of ten incredible tracks that display much Song of Love’s creativity. Orgasm Planet has a twofold theme, which is expressed the album’s two sides. The first half of Orgasm Planet, the orgasmic side, carries the message of living life to the fullest since our existence is short-lived. The latter half of the album, coined the prophetic side, draws attention to the spiritual world around us.

The Song of Love has always sought to bring positive principles and messages to the forefront of the heavy metal experience. Orgasm Planet exemplifies this endeavor very well. The Song of Love has built a cerebral and equally hazy musical landscape by fusing elements of folk, psychedelic rock, and other progressive music forms into a heavy metal scheme.

The brilliance of the Orgasm Planet album shines through on tracks like Bonner From Hell, Working For The Cumshot, and Electric Church. Orgasm Planet is a joyous offering that is refreshingly contagious. No need to lament outplayed musical gimmicks any longer. Just relax and allow the sounds of Orgasm Planet to take you to the point of no return.


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