As the brainchild of Bay Area musician Izzy The Gent, Everything But The Everything has put forth a stunning effort with their new EP titled Rock N Roll ls A Feeling. The EP comes after Izzy The Gent’s brief hiatus from the music world and represents a milestone in his creative process, which inspired the group’s formation less than two years ago.

Rock N Roll Is A Feeling is comprised of four inventive tracks that can best be classified under the alternative rock genre. This melodic journey is a hazy ride involving rich instrumentation. Anything from flaring electric guitars, transit basslines, to rolling percussion make the flavor of the rhythm one that is irresistible.  Everything But The Everything is able to keep us captive as each recording session turns into a vibe session. We get the feeling that we are in the first row at this studio concert as the structure in each and every track totes an amazing fluidity that provides a tremendous amount of depth to the overall production.

Another amazing feature of Rock N Roll Is A Feeling is the performance level of the amazing guest vocalists appearing on the songs that add to the diversity and an air of wholeness for the listener to enjoy. Everything But The Everything fuses elements of goth and progressive rock into their landscape for a complete stellar experience.  Rock N Roll ls A Feeling is just the right attitude to enjoy its artistry.

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