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Gabonese Singer/Songwriter Jann Halexander is Able To Capture A UFO Abduction in Song: L’Abduction

Gabonese singer and songwriter Jann Halexander is widely-known for his unique way of translating life experiences by putting them in prose and song. Having performed at venues in Belgium, France, Germany, and many other places around the globe, Halexander built a strong following that admires him for his musical genius and bright lyricism. This is quite an accomplishment as the gifted artist often sings in French. Yet, his is still able to procure English-speaking audiences. Halexander has a real sound that is based on sincerity. Halexander’s new single L’Abduction is a good example of his musical capability.

L’Abduction (The Abduction in English) is an intense song that covers the topic of UFO abductions. While this is not a common topic for a song, Halexander is able to captive his followers with raw talent. L’Abduction is a pianist track for the most part and Haexander offers a superb vocal. This is a song with overtones of pop and contemporary music that allows listeners to really understand the trauma sometimes experienced by those who have come into contact with otherworldly beings. Overall, L’Abduction by Jann Halexander is able to bring us to a place where we can find ourselves.

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