As a pilgrim of the rich Wu-Tang Clan legacy, Darryl Hill aka Cappadonna uses his talents to drop jewels of wisdom enveloped in the luster of Wu-slang and rap bravado for the benefit of both hood legends and the everyday novice who seeks to find greater meaning in life. His lifelong work as an emcee has inspired thousands of fans, but more specifically was the catalyst for fellow Wu-Tang Clan members.

Before the rise of the Wu-Tang Clan, Cappadonna established himself as one of Staten Island’s finest lyrists. He would later spark his debut as a recording artist on Raekwon’s 1995 single “Ice Cream”. Since this time, Cappadonna has persevered as an emcee, dropping some of the most memorable verses in rap music history. His chunky flow and urban-styled vernacular have proven to put the hip-hop legend in a sphere above the clouds.

Like many of us living in a pandemic of epic proportions, 2020 proved to be a bittersweet year for Cappadonna. In March 2020, Source Magazine reported the passing of his mother Linda Hill, who was “affectionately known in her Park Hill, Staten Island neighborhood as “Momma Love”. Remarkably, within this same year Cappuccino the Great released two incredible albums – Show Me The Money (SMTM) and Black Is Beautiful.  In an era of stuntman tricks and oversaturated crime scenarios in rap music, Cappadonna’s continuity as a hip-hop pioneer continues to find avenues of reinvention as he makes music that sticks to the realness of a windowpane view of the struggles and strides of everyday life and everyday people. Cappadonna works as the “angel of rap,” wherein he incites messages of family love and unity that are truly inspirational. It is with great honor that I am happy to announce Cappadonna as the recipient of the Warlock Asylum International News 2021 Rap Artist of the Year Award! Congratulations and blessing to you in all of life’s endeavors!


Warlock Asylum International News 2021 Rap Artist of the Year Award: Cappadonna

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