Currently based out of Los Angeles, California, the cinematic folk music singer and songwriter Frally Hynes gives a totally breathtaking performance in her cover of the classic pop hit “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. The track also features Rufus Wainwright, who adds a layer of creativity to the overall production of the song.

Popularly known by her artistic name Frally, this stirring songstress has enjoyed a rich career in the musical arts. Originally from Australia, Frally was married to musician and record producer Ben Folds and has recorded and released several projects on her own accord.

Frally’s cover for Girls Just Want To Have Fun is a deep sentimental journey. The lyrics of the song, although well-known re enlivened by this rendition’s clever use of free space. Produced by Shan Dan, Frally’s version was originally created for the documentary titled This Is Paris. Frally has a captivating voice and through her distinct vocal texture, she is able to cast a different view of the lyricism and prose exemplified in Girls Just Want To Have Fun. The original version performed by Cyndi Lauper was very fun and free-spirited. However, Frally is able to expose some of the inner psychology and fragmented emotions that go into the song’s lyricism. Rufus Wainwright provides an additional blanket of atmosphere with background harmonization. Girls Just Want To Have Fun will always have. New meaning thanks to Frally Hynes.


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