The stirring sounds of Ramona + the Riot emerge with an organic offering titled “2020” from the album Law of Contagion. Comprised of lead singer Jeanetta Salyer, guitarist Alberto Cebollero, saxophonist Chris Kearnes, bassist Paul Jackson, keyboardist Liston Gregory, trumpet Robert Bidwell and drummer Jamal Wright, Ramona + the Riot bring a distinct flavor of live sound and chorale that works with tremendous structure.

2020 opens with a chilling piano measure that sets the stage for Jeanetta’s soulful musings. Her voice is plush against the tapestry of unraveling instrumentation and a poetic, but a dim personification of the year 2020. The track is electrifying and implements a unique ascending structure, sort of potluck genius both musically and lyrically. It’s an introspective view of life and love that will surely pierce the heart of the listener for cheers of admiration and demands for more from Ramona + the Riot.



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