The Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Brad Byrd has an incredible way of shaping his musical terrain by drawing from elements of country, folk, pop, rock, and soul for a true Americana sound. His latest single State Line exemplifies Brad’s creative depth and range as an artist.

State Line is an acoustic ballad with an excelling overcast of hazy ambiance.  Brad Byrd draws the listener into a garden of psychedelic-folk via acoustic and electric guitars, synth, along with a liquid bassline and crisp drums.  State Line’s sonic beauty is comprised of several layers where we can all hear the instruments speak.

Brad keeps us on the edge of our seats with a tremendous vocal performance that is equally honest and serves as the pulse of the song. State Line brings our attention to appreciating the simple things in life and mindfulness. Above all else, State Line is an introduction to life in a post-pandemic world.



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