Veteran music producer and songwriter Blue Soul Ten sets the music world aflame with the release of his upcoming album The Incredible Sound of Blue, which is slated for release on April 19th, 2021. Blue Soul Ten is often noted for his work in the spheres of jazz and r&b. However, his latest work is a rap album.

Blue Soul Ten always included a great deal of variety and artistry on his projects, anything from singers to rappers and beyond. He is able to facilitate a wide range of sounds as Blue Soul Ten has an incredible knack for incorporating elements from different genres. The Incredible Sound of Blue is not just a rap album, but a state-of-the-art expression about life in the hood and beyond by people who are trying to improve their lot in life.

Blue Soul Ten has weaved ten irresistible grooves that speak to the mind and body. This album has a very rich and distinct sound. The tracks are imbued with a heavy jazz influence and neo-soul. Below is a summary of each track and highlights therein:

The Incredible Sound of Blue: Track by Track Review

1-Intro: A perfect appetizer for what is to follow. Blue Soul Ten sets the tone of the album with a brilliant and sophisticated composition that builds anticipation in the minds of his audience. As an expert on the keys and in the lab, Blue Soul Ten enlivens The Incredible Sound of Blue with a stirring groove that is comprised of a chunky beat and thick bassline, along with smooth atmospheric sounds of synth and keys.

2-Opportunity: A funky track that immediately grabs our attention with its eclectic rhythms, Rhodes piano, and crisp bass. Blue Soul Ten has a knack for composing music that speaks to the soul. In this case, we find his production complemented by rap artist Surron The 7th. His cadence, tone, and content fit hand-in-glove with Blue Soul Ten’s soundscape. Surron The 7th’s cinematic flow and positive lyricism prove to be a breath of fresh air, as he expounds on his sense of motivation going to work given the “opportunity”.

3-Speakers: The track’s popping snare and inventive structure is accented with a lovely rhythm guitar that puts the listener in the clouds. Lyricist IAMIV spits bars like an instrument in collaboration with a world of tasteful bravado. His loose-shoulder persona adds tremendous depth to Speakers.

4-A.B.R.:  J Pad da Juggernaut sets it off on this profound offering that provides the formula for success literally.  J Pad da Juggernaut keeps things animated with his “pray every day” message. Amazingly, Blue Soul Ten has intelligently put together a fabulous album that unveils rap music’s inspiring and fluent side of the map that sounds just as incredible as the greatest hardcore rap records in history.

5-Can’t Stand The Rain: Kenilworth Katrina makes a valuable contribution to the project by offering a heartfelt and sincere vocal performance. The track is brilliantly composed and makes use of a rainfall sound effect at its start. The music is a slow-paced groove that is bass-heavy and enriched with piano measures and guitar swells. Kenilworth Katrina paints a picture of life’s difficulties is like weathering a storm. Despite your angle as an artist, rainy days will come our way from time to time.

6-11:30: Another jewel emerges from Blue Soul Ten’s treasure chest. 11:30 is a lively track as the listener is blessed to hear Surron The 7th again for one of the best rap love songs ever recorded. The lovely Syauqi Destanika also contributes greatly with a wonderful vocal performance on the track’s layered hook. Blue Soul Ten puts together some fabulous arrangements and impressively is able to procure an organic sound from musical pads and the synth.

7-Hustle: This timeless groove beautifully describes the wise road to wealth. IAMIV exercises his reign over the track with some very witty prose and a thought-provoking hook. Hustle has a hypnotic rhythm and provides a  perfect podium for IAMIV’s windowpane lyricism.

8-Sunshine: As the title suggests, this groove is a bright reflection of romance and a past lover. The track draws several elements together including jazz guitar, organ, and keyboards. Kenilworth Katrina finds joy in the Sunshine’s free space while imparting a remarkable testimony.

9-One Shot: A unique and dreamy offering totes a sharp bassline and a hazy backdrop that gives a scenic backdrop to Surround The 7th’s vocabulary. The dimensional sound is enhanced by a dialogue between the bass and Rhodes piano.

10-Outro: The album concludes with an uplifting outro. We get to hear from Blue Soul Ten as he informs us about the album’s premise and some of the featured rappers on the project along with a tremendous word for the late Eric Houston, a comrade, and relative to whom the album is dedicated.

In conclusion, The Incredible Sound of Blue is a masterpiece. Blue Soul Ten successfully brings together an array of exceptional talent and extraordinary production. The album is made complete by compelling themes that drape the listener with words of encouragement. The Incredible Sound of Blue pays tribute to Hip Hop in a sophisticated manner, but also on terms with how we fell in love with the genre.

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