The creative genius of singer and songwriter Brad Byrd continues to unravel as seen in his newest ep titled Where Were You When the World Stopped. Brad has enjoyed a lifelong musical career, which has led him to experience life in several cities across the United States and exposure to many musical forms. The last time we visited the world of Brad Byrd was during the review of his single and acoustic gem titled State Line. Since this time Byrd has been hard at work, recording a fabulous new project.

Where Were You When the World Stopped is an intriguing 6-track ep that can be simply be described as wonderful. Brad Byrd pioneers what can best be described as the wilderness of Americana rock. The new EP explores a healthy blend of folk, pop, rock, and soul. The project begins with its title track Where Were You When the World Stopped. Certainly, a fitting title that is a clear reference to the infamous Covid-19 pandemic. The song is led by a brilliant melody on acoustic guitar.

Brad Byrd’s inventive charms continue with the more rock-orientated song called When You Need Me. This is an amazing track that encompasses elements of retro pop. Byrd concludes this masterful presentation with the alluring track Chasing Down the Sun, which really unveils his unique vocal texture and profound lyricism. Where Were You When the World Stopped possesses an exemplary form of musicality that is profoundly enjoyable!