The Silent Boys are sure to capture the ears of music lovers with their latest release titled  “Last Time” from the album Tilt-A-Whirl. The musical veteranship of the band lends greatly to their unique retro sound, which specifically shines through on the tune Last Time.

Last Time finds its home between the worlds of folk-rock and its progressive counterpart. While the song’s lyrics center around romance, they are equally witty and retrospective. The track has a warm and organic feel and includes the hazy strums of acoustic and electric guitar. Lead singer and guitarist Wallace Dietz gives tremendous texture to the track with a great vocal performance.

Additionally, The Silent Boys have released a great music video that adds a terrific visual to Last Time’s theme. The music video was produced by John Morand with scenes shot in both b/w and color. The video features some candid shots of the band with patches of Last Time’s theme of a broken romance crocheted within its cinematic landscape – absolutely a great effort by The Silent Boys that deserves a standing ovation.



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