Audio-visual artist, music composer, and singer Fredo Viola unleashes a stunning state-of-the-art work with the release of the album “My New Head”. The musical visionary had received quite a few accolades for his previous sonic ventures. Fredo’s first album, released by Because Music in France and England, was called #2 album of the year by leading French music magazine, Les Inrocks, and #4 album of the year by Le Monde and Yahoo France.

My New Head is an amalgamation of both experimental and psychedelic musical prose and measures. The album is comprised of approximately eleven tracks and brandishes an invigorating synergy that is inspired by Fredo’s avant-garde sense of creativity. Expected for release on April 9th, 2021, My New Head by Fredo Viola stretches the boundaries of artistic innovation with a refreshing approach to sound and recording.


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