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New Horizon (feat. Craig Sayer) by Meghan Pulles

Singer and songwriter Meghan Pulles continues to let her light of creativity shine in natural form. Her new single  New Horizon (feat. Craig Sayer).  Meghan has enjoyed a rich musical career, which began during her late teenage years. Today, she is described as an “Emo-positive songstress”. Meghan’s songs have been picked up on 50+ radio stations and garnered over 100,000 streams on Spotify. Her music has produced an impressive following.

New Horizon 9s a fabulous folk-rock treat that is a sterling testimony to Meghan Pulles’ organic flavor. The track is an upbeat charmer with a theme of love unfolding. Draped in acoustic guitar charms with a blazing fiddle appearing randomly during the song, the listener will surely fall in love with Meghan’s vocal musings and the melody itself.