Originating from the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, the innovative charms of the rock band Thirty Three Degrees have procured a delightful self-titled album. The group’s approach to recording and musical structure is simply amazing. The free-spiritedness of the melodies appearing on the album certainly confirms the artistic ambitions of the band.

As an album, Thirty Three Degrees merges into the fabric of fiery rock nostalgia and fervent expression of musicality. The group is able to draw several genres and elements into its gnosis. Our attention is immediately spawned from the initial track Get Me Outta Here. This melodic gem exuberates a rich aroma of electric guitar with bluesy riffs in classic hard rock, setting the tone for what is to follow.

Every track on Thirty Three Degrees is a window to another frame of mind. This soulful journey’s continuity is reinforced with songs like Bleed and Kudos as the magic of the album’s persona crosses boundaries that find their influence in legends like Jimi Hendrix and Clearwater Revival. Thirty Three Degrees is exceptional enough to make a lasting impression on rock culture and music lovers.