Los Angeles, CA – When Digital Underground co-founder and drummer Jimi “Chopmaster J” Dright learned that the City of Oakland would honor his former band and recently deceased frontman and co-founder Greg “Shock G/Humpty Hump” Jacobs with a proclamation to recognize the group’s civic and artistic contribution, he was initially elated. However, upon learning, he was not welcome at the City of Oakland’s Digital Underground Day proclamation ceremonies and he was stricken from the band’s historical record, he was disheartened by the snub. In short, it was Chopmaster J who initially visioned the making of Digital Underground as well as introduced Tupac to their ranks, before departing years later to sign another of his creations, Force One Network, to Quincy Jones at Warner Bros. Records. A true creative genius, Chopmaster J remains undaunted, announcing the release of his son’s, SOTU, new group, D.U.Nx.G. (D.U. Next Generation) and their new album, single and video,“Evolution,” dropping on August 25, 2020, Digital Underground Day in Oakland, CA. – Press release 2021

As the brainchild of Digital Underground co-founder Jimi “Chopmaster J” Dright, the crisp sounds of D.U.Nx.G. (D.U. Next Generation) gift us with a brilliantly woven single called Evolution. The track’s nostalgic terrain is tailored for purists of the rap genre and is bound to stir up a moment of glee for those who have a taste for chunky beats.

Evolution possesses an awesome melody! Coupled by its gripping bassline, music lovers are sure to keep this melodic jewel on repeat. Digital Underground Next Generation carries a tasteful resemblance to their forerunners that is gimmickless and relies exclusively on their inherent talent. Great debut!