Weekend Night In America by rock n’ roll revivalist Josh Christina is filled with an instrumentally crisp synergy that is sure to put listeners on the edge of their seats. The industrious pianist, singer, and songwriter’s musical legacy began early in childhood, as he took a deep interest in the legendary Elvis Presley, and would later find the ingenuity of famed guests like Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard to be s huge source of inspiration.

Josh Christina recaptures the magical charm that made rock music great with his latest offering Weekend Night In America. The production possesses a warm feel from its creative atmosphere. Josh has crafted a fine melody on piano that is streamlined throughout the entire song and harmonizes perfectly in conversation with rhythm guitar and the tune’s lively percussion.

Lyrically, Weekend Night In America provides a windowpane view of present-day America. However, instead of conceding to much of the negativity that has been circulating in the media, Weekend Night In America keeps us in a hopeful frame of mind. The track encourages its audience to make the best of what we can do, nothing more, nothing less. It is for this reason that Weekend Night In America is a melodic jewel.