The Minnesota-based band known as West of Corey has released a new single titled “All Alone” from the upcoming album Big Ass Deal. West of Corey began as a collaborative effort between veteran lyricist/producer/bass player James West Foster and composer/guitarist Corey Birkholz, and has often featured an array of musical talent that complements the group’s musical endeavors. Recently, the sensational vocalist Stacey Squires was added to the group.  Her exceeding talent can be witnessed on the group’s new single All Alone.

All Alone is a very soulful offering that encompasses elements from the blues, folk, r&b, and rock musical genres. The music has a warm vibe and is substantiates its musical terrain and rock overtones with a sharp bass-driven groove that is truly a music lover’s treat. The track expounds upon missing that special someone, as passionately sung by group member Stacey Squires. All Alone by West of Corey is one song musical experience that should not be missed.