The musical expertise of musician, singer, and songwriter Chris St. John continues to startle music lovers all around the world. His new single Hey Siri is a brilliant song that fervently expresses the complexities of modern forms of communication that we experience via Alexa, Facebook, Siri, and the whole entourage email, text messages, etc. that have become part of our daily lives.

Hey Siri is another step of ascension in Chris St. John’s artistic career. Over the past year, he has scored several international hit singles, including “I Called You Rose”, “I’d Send You My Heart” and “A Box For Jewels.” These two tracks were charted at number #3 and #8 on both the Euro and World Indie Music Charts.

Produced by the legendary Stephen Wrench, Hey Siri is an intriguing fusion of folk-rock, pop, and Afro-Caribbean musical elements. Hey Siri’s tantalizing groove is led by flamenco-styled acoustics. The song comes with an excellent music video that wonderfully captures Hey Siri’s epic message. Hey Siri by Chris St. John is truly a melodic gem of the post-modern era.