Representing rock music’s innovative side is a veteran musical outfit known as Revolution Engine. The group is set their newest offering titled Fist & Flame. The group’s latest work is an 11-track statement that speaks to our view of the political world’s hypocrisy. Musically, Fist & Flame is enriched with some of the best guitar playing recorded.

Revolution Engine has a strong passion for musical innovation that can easily be seen in the group’s new album. Beginning with the opening track Juggernaut Generation, the melodies and guitar riffs are original and woven into the depth of mind, body, and soul. That’s equal to good music and lyricism.

Fist & Flame is full of surprises and extends the borders of traditional rock to metal, and in some cases, rap music. Lynchpin Children demonstrates how rap and progressive rock can fit into the same room. Overall, Fist & Flame by Revolution Engine is an inspiring journey of musical transformation.


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