As a deejay and producer, DJ Lion presents an exquisite that encompasses, electronica, house, and trance musical genres. Amazingly, DJ Lion has released a wealth of material and has nearly 500 tracks that can be bought and streamed on the most popular digital platforms.

Recently, I had the blessed opportunity of being able to communicate with DJ Lion and ask him a few questions about the start of his career and his source of inspiration. His simplicity amid success is a very intriguing feature of DJ Lion’s persona. Overall, it was a delightful experience.

Warlock Asylum: Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. Please introduce yourself to our audience. Who are you?

DJ Lion: This is Thiant Lionel I am 36 years old and I live in Martinique

Warlock Asylum: Tell us about your formative years. Where are you from and how was your life as a child?

DJ Lion: I am from Martinique. This is where I spent my childhood and adult life.

Warlock Asylum: What prompted you to get involved in music?

DJ Lion: I wanted to create a variety of genres that could benefit music lovers and the general public.

Warlock Asylum: How did you get your start as a DJ and music producer?

DJ Lion: Doing gigs on the podium with my TV and radio dad.

Warlock Asylum: How did you get the name, DJ Lion? What does this name represent?

DJ Lion: So, I often introduce myself as Lionel, a lion and the king of the jungle aka dun DJ – DJ I lion.

Warlock Asylum: In your own words, what makes your music different from that of other producers?

DJ Lion: My music possesses a vibrant edge that encompasses the ups and downs of life; victory, agility, speed, tenderness, dauntlessness, and topicality.

Warlock Asylum: In terms of your music, what do you seek to inspire in others?

DJ Lion: Good times and inspiring the best musical styles heard.

Warlock Asylum: How can your followers keep in touch with you?

DJ Lion: People can find me on Twitter and Facebook.

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from DJ Lion in the near future?

DJ Lion: I will be creating something new as always, coupled with the ability to want to improve and surprise with my abilities.

*On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, I would like to extend a huge note of thanks to DJ Lion for sharing some inspiring points about his career with our audience. Readers can obtain updates about DJ Lion by visiting the following links:

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