What type of society would take its mentally ill and make them the centerpiece of attention on social media and the network news, and then condemn them for the way they think while the audience has thorough knowledge about the dangers of their troubled psychology? The problem is that America can’t determine if we are talking about Joe Biden or Kanye West. It’s sort of like measuring the outcome against the data if the NBA were to make the late Gary Coleman its number one draft pick. Whatcha talkin’ about Willis?!!! – is the new code of the streets for this postmodern generation, who often describe their state of enlightenment with the past tense term “woke” so that every would-be revolutionary can remain locked up in the 1960’s – invalid and outdated for whatever experience the hereafter deems fit.

America is a dying nation that believes in the validity of making sophisticated arguments surrounding topics like the sky is blue or the flatness of the earth. TikTok is the world religion of me-ism. Our country’s citizenry has forgotten its spiritual roots and has digressed socially after being introduced to the theory of evolution. Nevertheless, the fall of Kanye “Ye” West is the result of not taking your mediation after living with relative success. Instead of the American public coming together to save one of their own, he has become water cooler talk for those who take pride in criminalizing the mentally ill while standing up against animal rights or the death penalty without “peace of mind”. Ye’s mental illness has led to antisemitic statements, and other disturbing sentiments about world history.   Yet, no one is able to find help for Ye, neither the African American community, neither a rabbinical court, not even his former wife Kim Kardashian.

On the other hand, we have President Joe Biden. Sometimes Smokin’ Joe can finish a sentence, sometimes he can’t. Better yet, the outskirts of antisemitism has brewed Joe’s own brand of racism. Remember when the would-be president stood up in front of African American grade school students and began talking about his hairy legs and how he knows about “roaches.” Smokin’ Joe keeps our southern border open but refuses to let Haitians into the country. It’s really a sad lead when a president suffering from aging and has no vice president in sight. Like Kanye, Smokin’ Joe stands alone while the authority of his office is used to gratify those who seek their own aims. Welcome to the New America!

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