Originating from Richmond, Indiana, indie-folk and acoustic blues musician Joe Augustin, who records under the pseudonym Achilles Tenderloin, will be releasing his fifth album as an indie artist called Tincture for Trouble. Produced by Patrick Himes at Reel Love Recording Company, the new project is comprised of ten tracks and is expected to be released on March 18th, 2023.

Tincture for Trouble opens with a scrumptious tune titled “Torch Song”. This mellow groove is irresistible and possesses a great display of instrumentation as spoken through the sounds of acoustic guitar strums, drumming, and muted trumpet. Achilles Tenderloin delivers an outstanding vocal performance in a high-class bluesy manner, intrinsically tempting indeed.

The album continues with its triumphant vibe as captured in succeeding tracks like Kiss the Ground and Pipedream Blues. Within the melody of the latter, we find a unique blend of tropic percussion that greatly adds to the track’s exotic flavor. Pipedream Blues captures our attention because of its wonderful 20’s styled guitar riff. The track has a shorter length than the other material on the album, but Achilles Tenderloin makes a strong musical statement in a short amount of time. Tincture for Trouble is an inspiring piece of work that displays brilliant musicianship and innovative concepts.



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