Born in Seoul, Korea, Angela Warnick Buchdahl is an Ashkenazi Jew and the first Asian-American member of the Jewish clergy and the first woman to become both a cantor and a rabbi.  She serves as Central Synagogue’s senior rabbi in New York. Back in 2017, Rabbi Buchdahl was among the  “America’s 50 Most Influential Rabbis” – an A-list compiled by Newsweek and The Daily Beast based on leadership in the Jewish community and the world at large.

Over the past few years, Rabbi Buchdahl has been featured on many news outlets including the Today Show, NPR, and PBS. She has used her platform to try to educate others about Judaism, the joys of living a moral life, and has worked intensely to dissolve traces of  discrimination and hate due to fear and ignorance. Rabbi Buchdahl is a devoted wife and mother of three. She is a grest example of s womsn who cherishes the provisions that the Most High has made for Jewish woman and the endless possibilities associated with this sacred station in life. It is with great honor that I am happy to announce Angela Warnick Buchdahl as the recipient of the Warlock Asylum International News 2022 Rabbi of the Year Award! We wsh yopu all the best in your earthly and spiritual endeavors!

Warlock Asylum International News 2022 Rabbi of the Year Award: Angela Warnick Buchdahl

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