Summoning Part 4: Enlil, Marduk, and the Lord of the 50 Names

The Gods forget. They are distant. They must be reminded.

If they are not watchful — if the gatekeepers do not watch the gates — 

if the Gates are not kept always locked, bolted and barred —

then the One who is always ready, the Guardian of the Other side, IAK SAKKAK, will enter,

and bring with him the Hordes of the Armies of the Ancients:


the Dog Gods and the Dragon Gods,

the Sea Monsters, and the Gods of the Deep.

The problem with polytheism is that it requires you to maintain a constant vigil in order to ensure that all gods are ok and accounted for. If anybody gets left out or neglected, hell ensues.

Dr. Faust’s 7 Electors of Hell, whom we call the 7 Fallen Annunaki, work in secret and shadows for most of humankind. According to the Magan text’s Account of the Utuku Xul, they run about secretly with their brothers and sisters in the Seas and the Physical Body of the Dragon; wreaking havoc and generally making life shitty for the flock of Sheep who adhere to exoteric religions.

As Summoners, we take back the Power that the Demons of Hell and High Water seek to steal from us. In both the Necronomicon and Faustian traditions, the ultimate goal and the completion of the system lies in a showdown with the 7 electors, who must be overcome and put into submission through the Power of the Eternal Fire.

Before this confrontation can take place, and we can fulfill the Madman’s prophecy to bring down these 7 Archdemons, we must successively extinguish lesser lights in our lives, until the realm of illusion has no more power over us, and we can stand without shame or fear in the Limitless Light of the Eternal God (The Ancient ONE).

The preliminary initiation into the Necronomicon is the experience of Terror itself, which is outlined in the Testimony of the Mad. Remember that the first amulet seal received by our author is a Silver Amulet of the Watchers.

When Elohim began to create the Heavens and the Earth, the Earth was formless and empty (Tohu v’Bohu). Darkness was over the surface of the Deep (Tehom), and the Spirit of God was hovering over the Waters.

The first words of the Biblical Scroll of Genesis are often translated as “In the beginning”, but Hebrew scholars know that this is actually incorrect. Kabbalists have long maintained that Genesis is only the beginning of the story of one creation, and that God had many other escapedes before He decided to create the world, including the Slaying of the Dragon alluded to in the Psalms and the Book of Yob. In this sense therefore, the story of the Ancients is a Background to the Genesis of Earth, and the Prelude to the Bible itself.

Elohim said, “Let there be Light,” and there was Light. 

Elohim saw that the Light was good, and He Separated the Light from the Darkness.

The first act of Creation in the Book of Genesis is the creation of Light itself. Darkness is plainly stated to be older than Light, but there is no solid ground in the world of Tehom (Tiamat). God’s spirit/breath hovers over the waters, just as Absu’s freshness invigorated Tiamat’s salt. And the entire story of the sleep of Absu, the Dragon’s Death, and the Victory of the Elders is summed up in these simple words: “God seperated Light from Darkness”.

In fact, Light itself arose out of Darkness at God’s will, whether we understand that as a Monotheistic Command, or a War between Ancient and Elder Gods. Enlil, the original God of the Semites of Nippur, is Lord of the Command, and Lord of the 50. Marduk is, in actuality, the most powerful of Ellil’s aspects, and thus the most dangerous of opponents in terms of the temptations of idolatry. The worship of Baal Marutu, Amon Ra Indra, Golden Calf Zdeus, has never abated since ancient times, and remains the biggest stumbling block for the greatest initiates. Because while the 49 Names are all Names of Marduk, Marduk himself is the First Name of Enlil: the True God of the 50.

“The First Name is MARDUK: The Lord of Lords, Master of Magi. His Name should not be called except when no other will do, and it is the most terrible responsibility to do so.”

Marduk is the Power of the Morning Star, and thus equivalent to both Lucifer, Ishtar, and NerGal. He is the “Great Light”, the ORIGINAL “Golden Boy”. He is the Superman of both Friedrich Nietzsche and modern superhero comics. Because he is nearest in power to Enlil, he is the most vulnerable to pride, abuse, perversion, and idol worship.

“Don’t worry Batman! I’LL Save the World! Make me the next American Idol!”

However, in his Demonic aspect, Superman looks like this:

“That’s perceptive for a Blind Man! NOW HOW DO I KILL IT?!!”

I’ve been watching some of Joseph Campbell’s lectures on Netflix recently, and he was discussing a legend of Indra that was very “necronomic” in nature, to borrow Warlock’s term.

Indra was crowned King of the Gods for defeating a serpent. Sound familiar?

Indra found himself, despite his newfound confidence, unable to deal with a problem that arose within his court. He went to both Vishnu (Enlil), Shiva (Ea Enki) and Brahma (Anu) for advice. Their answer appeared in a man who showed up in his court one day.

The man told him, “I have heard that you plan to build a greater palace than all the Indras before you.”

Indra answered, “What do you mean OTHER INDRAS?!”

Indra was then given a vision of how a different and yet similar Indra/Marduk/Golden Calf arises in each and every era that An breathes into existence. He saw that eventually, all of them fade away, and are replaced with the closing and opening of the Divine Eyes.

The Indra is the Lord of the Age. Don’t call upon him unless you really need to.

They always think they’re the first and last.