Redefining The Necronomicon Tradition Part 2: Questions From Beyond

Will the deeper meaning on the Necronomicon tradition be lost, as the Gate-Walking Community grows?

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We always enjoy reading the concerns and views of our readers and subscribers. Over the years I have built a relationship with some people which began when interacting with a regular subscriber who posted quite a few comments. Some of these have even been invited to join the staff here at Papers In The Attic as writers. We always look forward to varying insights concerning the Necronomicon Tradition from the public and those interested in the Necronomicon Tradition. I have noticed that we have received quite a few comments in our recent article entitled “Redefining The Necronomicon Tradition,” which can be read in its entirety by clicking on the following link:

I thought it would be good to answer some of the questions that were posed in this article, which I will list and answer in interview format.

1)      Alex: Is there a Gate-Walking community in the UK?

Warlock Asylum: Yes there is. If you are interested in contacting someone in your area, I would suggest that you make a post on the Order Of Necronomicon’s Forum, which can be accessed by clicking on the following link: You should address your inquiry to Adept Edunpanna. I must say that the Gate-Walking Community works like the Wise Ones of Old. Its primary focus is not on membership numbers, but the growth of the Initiate. It is for this reason that many Gate-Walkers journey upon a solitaire path. Basically, you are guided by a mentor, in learning how to Walk the Gates and working with the Watcher. Once the Initiate gains an understanding of how the rites are performed, they can work on their own, and are mentored by their own Watcher who communicates to them via dreams. Since older Initiates have amassed quite a bit of knowledge and experience on this path, they are often times consulted by newer Initiates for advice, but it is NOT a path where one follows some Guru. Or what have you. Additionally, some mentors teach differently than others, but the terms of how the Initiation Process works in one in the same. I may instruct my students differently than some others who are mentored in the system because I have a perspective based on experiences of working with the Book of Calling and the Urilia Text. Some mentors do not work with the Urilia Text at all. Yet even if an Initiate is instructed by someone who does Not work with the Urilia Text, that same Initiate will still gain a knowledge of such, if it is part of his/her path, as they are still their Watcher’s child.

2)      Satan’s Avenger: Correct me if I am wrong, but nowhere, in the testimony of the “Mad” Arab is the word “Necronomicon” used, but rather the Arab refers to it as ‘the book of The Black Earth’. The word Necronomicon was born from the minds of H.P.Lovecraft and John Dee…So what really is ‘The Black Earth’?

Warlock Asylum: That’s a very interesting question. The term “Necronomicon” doesn’t appear anywhere in the text for a reason that was very important during the time of the book’s publication. The “book of Black Earth” is another way of saying “alchemy.” Wikipedia presents the following information about the origin of the term alchemy:

“The word alchemy derives from the Old Frenchalquimie, which is from the Medieval Latinalchimia, from the Arabical-kimia (الكيمياء), in turn from the Persiankimia (Elixir). This term itself is derived from the Ancient Greekchemeia (χημεία)[1] with the addition of the Arabic definite articleal- (الـ‎).[2] The ancient Greek word was originally derived in its turn from “Chemia” (Χημία),[3] a version of the Egyptian name for Egypt, which was itself based on the Ancient Egyptian word kēme (hieroglyphic Khmi, black earth, as opposed to desert sand).[2] The word could have originally derived from chumeia (χυμεία) meaning “mixture” and referring to pharmaceutical chemistry.[4] With the later rise of alchemy in Alexandria, the word may have derived from Χημία, and thus became spelled as χημεία, and the original meaning forgotten.[5] The etymology is still open, and recent research indicates that the Egyptian derivation may be valid.[6]

Based on the information cited above, which can be confirmed in other articles concerning the etymology of the term alchemy, the book of Black Earth is simply another way of saying the book of Alchemy. We will continue now into the subject of the Qliphoth.

3)      Serapis: Perhaps my perception of what should be called Qliphotic is a bit biased, but as I walk (or crawl..) the serpentine path, through the dark and the light, in the balance of the two united as one, this is where my perspective comes from.

Warlock Asylum: I think we are a t a misunderstanding as to how the Gate-Walking Community uses the term qliphoth. It is not what is described by the Judaic-Christo tradition as something dark or evil, but the primordial rites that precede the Judaic era. The reader can find more information about this in an article entitle The Qliphotic Tree of Transformation, which can be found at this link:

The following is an excerpt from the article:

 “In the medieval era, old ideas from Babylon gained new strength. The Qliphoth, or Kelippot(קליפות the primeval “husks” of impurity), was blamed for all the evil in the world. Qliphoth are the evil twin of the Sephiroth. The tree of Qliphoth is usually called the kabbalistic Tree of Death, and sometimes the Qliphoth are called the Deathangels, or Angels of Death. The Qliphoth are found in the old Babylonian incantations, a fact used as evidence in favor of the antiquity of most of the cabalistic material.”

The above passage informs us that the Kabbalah does indeed derive from Ancient Mesopotamian sources and was demonized since “foreign deities” could not fit into the Jewish pantheon. Another interesting perspective that we must also consider is that the term Qliphoth, meaning shell, was not a term to describe something “evil” in its inception. It is also interesting to note that a “shell” was symbolic of a pregnant woman.Birth in Babylonia and in the Bible: Its Mediterranean Setting by Marten Stol, on page 52 it states:

“The combination sign for “shell” is identical: a body with water in it. The Sumerian word is iskilla; Akkadian isqillatu. The Babylonians saw this shell as a symbol of the pregnant woman…The Greeks and Romans had similar associations; the cowrie shell was named “Cyprian” after the goddess Venus of Cyprus,…Clearly this shell reminded ancient man of the womb.”

When I read the above words, I am reminded of the following:

“The method of the NECRONOMICON concerns deep, primeval forces that seem to pre-exist the normal archetypal images of the tarot trumps and the Golden Dawn telesmatic figures. These are forces that developed outside the Judeo-Christian mainstream, and were worshipped and summoned long before the creation of the Qabala as we know it today. Hence, the ineffectiveness of the Golden Dawn banishing procedures against them. They are not necessarily demonic or qliphotic in the sense that these terms are commonly understood in the West, they just simply represent power sources largely untapped and thus far ignored by twentieth-century, mainstream consciousness.”

We will continue now with another point brought up by one of our regular readers that can be found in the article entitled Serapis Gives Us His Advice On the Necronomicon Tradition” found at the following link:

4)      Satan’s Avenger: One of the unique things discussed in some detail within the Simon Necronomicon and no other Occult Book I can find which discusses this law, is the subject of – THE COVENANT ! …This is a major sacred secret, one revealed only in this publication.

Warlock Asylum: Actually the definition of what The Covenant is can be found in the Simon Necronomicon’s Introduction, under the subheading, The Devil, we read:

“Since “the gods are forgetful”, buy treading on their celestial spheres we are reminding them of their ancient obligations to us, their created ones. For, as it is said in one of man’s most ancient of Covenants, the Emerald Table, “As Above, So Below”. Man’s power to alter the nature of his environment must develop simultaneously with his ability to master his inner environment, his own mind his psyche, soul, spirit.”

The Emerald Table cited above is the Covenant the is spoken about in other parts of the Book of Black Earth, namely the Emerald Tablets. I suggest that the reader review how similar The Testimony of the Mad Arab is to the Emerald Tablets Of Thoth The Atlantean, which can be read free online at the following link:

5)      Satan’s Avenger: As for the gate walking – How many go to the trouble of making their own robes and crown of ANU etc as per the Book’s instructions ? Very few I would think!…The Gate walker picture shown above is of a Naked woman, who is not useing a suitable sword for summoning the Watcher, nor even the right ritual garb and symbolism. …As a result, I don’t believe the picture is of a genuine gate walker who knows what they are doing. It’s more in line with a skyclad wiccan, using a totally different system of magick. The correct garb has to be made in the finest silk. WHY- because such is an astral insulator and holds a charge around the body like an electrical capacitor. The crown of Anu has to be made in Copper to show Authority, as does the dagger of Inanna give protection and allow one to cast the circle.

Warlock Asylum: Actually, she is performing the rites exactly as is mentioned by the Mad Arab. note what is says in the Book of Calling says:

“As for the worship of the Gods, it is after the fashion of your country, but the Priests of Old were naked in their rites.”

The garb used in the Gate-Walking rituals is symbolic of certain mental and emotional states that the Priest, or Priestess, should possess before entering the ritual. In all shamanistic religions, once the fire is conjured the Calling of a particular energy is done in the heart the words give the heart’s emotions its shape. These emotions of the heart are symbolized by certain attire appearing in the Necronomicon. However, those who approach the working with a pure heart need NOT the attire mentioned in the tome, or as the Mad Arab mentioned:

“…but the Priests of Old were naked in their rites.”

– Stay Blessed

For what is new
Came from that which is old
And what is old
Shall replace that which is new
And once again the Ancient Ones
Shall rule upon the face of the Earth!