I know that some of our regular readers may have noticed that we have not posted up any new articles over the past few weeks. We have been busy working on updating the site, and I have also been preparing a book on the Simon Necronomicon. This book will also include a Sumerian healing method that is similar to Reiki.

I must also say that I was happy to see that there have been some new subscribers to the Correspondence Course. I must also make note that as we revise the Simon GateWalker’s Info Page, we will be removing some of the articles that are here listed, and just concentrate on the Basic meaning of the Simon Necronomicon. For those who are interested in the deeper aspects of The Book of Black Earth, such will be revealed as the Initiate travels through the Seven Initiatory Gates.


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3 thoughts on “Recent Updates for the Month of January

  1. I don’t think you’ve revealed too much with the articles. They are great and I would hate to see any of them taken down 🙁

  2. David, YES IT HAS REVEALED A LOT. I encourage you to do the correspondence course, its very interesting. I want a copy of that book Messiah.

  3. I do as well. As I’ve told you in our correspondences, your writing has re-awakened my interest in the Necronomicon & I would love to see it in a published format. Please keep us posted.

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