Feel free to add a comment or send out some birthday salutations in comment form. Well, it is October 7th and another year has gone by. It is amazing the new life I have been born into ever since I started GateWalking. I though that I would make a list of some birthday wishes and maybe I can see them come true.

Wish Number #1: I am definitely in the process of organizing a legal entity to represent the GateWalking Community. I feel blessed to be aware of the gods and goddesses, and I am happy to discover this path. I would like the focus of this organization to be one of honor. Not only will it focus on training newcomers to the path, but also help those who are servants of the Elder Gods to move on in their initiation as Ancient Ones. The Ancient Ones will concentrate on perfecting their new-born self and also using their energies to help and assist human evolution.

Wish Number #2: I would like to see a rise in the populaation of the GateWalking Community. It is indeed important step if man is to make further progress, or even survive this sphere of changing events. it would be nice to see Mister Dan Harms and his staff also pursue this path, even if it is done to test the system’s value. There are a lot of astrological changes going on in the world today, including Saturn moving into the sign of Libra. Of course, the decision to Walk this Path is not up to me or the individual him/her-self. It is up to the Goddess and Great Initiator Ishtar/Tiamat.  I can say that the Necronomicon current is growing at a rapid rate. I have been working with 10 people myself and some of these now have there own students, yet it is the decision of the gods, who will come along this Path. It is amazing that one has a chance to exceed the normal human lifespan. This information, however, can only be shaered in the advanced levels of Necronomics.

Wish Number 3: To gain more understanding and insights from the deities and to als be able to ajust my life where needed to release blockages of energy, which affects my success in obtaining my goals. I also ask that may loved ones and family may enjoy a deeper peace and may be safely guided through the new year. That is all for now.

The Dark Knight

6 thoughts on “Warlock Asylum’s Birthday Wishes!

  1. Hi Messiah, I wish you a great year!!!!!!!

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Hey it is good to hear from you..thanks

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Thank you very much. It is deeply appreciated 🙂

  2. Happy birthday. May your wishes come true.

    V’heyeh. Higgaion. Selah. Tetragramaton Shaddai. Amen.

  3. warlockasylum says:

    Thanks Brother David!! Keep up the good work on your Solomonic Page…

    Have a blessed day.

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