MMM MagaZine deals with many various Esoteric and Occult topics found within Music, Art, Literature, and especially within METAL! This is a publication for various voices ov the Underground to express their philosophies and beliefs so that others may find a deeper meaning to their art, music, and writings.

This Issue contains Interviews with Byron ov Bal-Sagoth– Metatron ov The Meads of Asphodel– Nige Rockett ov Onslaught– Nefarious ov NAETU– Noctarth ov Bereavement-Possessed Demonnes ov Anguished– Patrik Carlsson ov Anachronaeon– George Emmanuel (Septic Flesh) ov Valet Parn– Gronk! ov A Band of Orcs
Independent Film Maker, Historian, Archivist and authority on all things Manson, Jon AES Nihil– Musician, Author and Thelemite, Gerald Del Campo– Book and CD Reviews by Dave Wolff ov Autoeroticasphyxium Zine– Cthulhu Invocation/Shub-niggurath Ritual- Jim Morrison Tribute-Morrison/Dionysus Ritual by Jason Mankey– Artwork by Marcus Ludwig ov Black Death Sign, and much more!  84 Pages!

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