Although critics of the Simon Necronomicon will try to present the tome to the inexperienced as a hoax, we find that it is actually just the opposite. It is a valuable resource for every occultist interested in ancient Mesopotamian divination.  It is in the Simon Necronomicon that we find a collection of ancient Mesopotamian prayers and rituals that were carefully placed in the Simon Necronomicon with a certain formulae in mind..

The Simon Necronomicon presents many incantations and prayers in its text, some of which may have been and still are unobtainable for the layperson seeking interest in Middle Eastern magical practices. The book is banned in Turkey. It funny how people, who live in the region of the world where the fabled Mad Arab is from, take the SN seriously.

Recently, I did research on an ancient prayer that appears in the Simon Necronomicon, known among scholars as Prayer to the Gods of the Night. The occasion for this prayer is a divination ceremony carried on at night. The great gods who ordinarily control the affairs of the world are regarded as resting in sleep; and  the gods represented by several of the constellations of fixed stars are asked to witness the performance and to guarantee that truth will be revealed. The place from which this text comes is not known, but it was written int he Old Babylonian period, in the first half of the second millennium BC. It is written in the Akkadian language and the Babylonian cursive script. Two slightly variant copies of the text are known, one of which is on a tablet giving tow additional prayers of similar nature. These latter are not given here because they are somewhat fragmentary.  The Prayer reads as follows:

They are lying down, the great ones.
The bolts are fallen; the fastenings are placed.
The crowds and people are quiet.
The open gates are (now) closed.
The gods of the land and the goddesses of the land,
Shamash, Sin, Adad, and Ishtar,
Have betaken themselves to sleep in heaven.
They are not pronouncing judgment;
They are not deciding things.
Veiled is the night;
The temple and the most holy places are quiet and dark.
The traveler calls on (his) god;
And the litigant is tarrying in sleep.
1The judge of truth, the father of the fatherless,
Shamash, has betaken himself to this chamber.
O great ones, gods of the night,
O bright one, Gibil, O warrior, Irra,
O bow (star) and yoke (star),
O Pleiades, Orion, and the dragon,
O Ursa major, goat (star), and the bison,
Stand by, and then,
In the divination which I am making,
In the lamb which I am offering,
Put truth for me.”

For those who wish to recite the prayer in Akkadian, as when working with the Urilia Text, please follow this link, which is a great resource on the subject:

The God of the Night prayer appears in the Simon Necronomicon as The Hymn to The Ancient Ones:

“They are lying down, the Great Old Ones.
The bolts are fallen and the fastenings are placed.
The crowds are quiet and the people are quiet.
The Elder Gods of the Land
The Elder Goddesses of the Land
Have gone to sleep in heaven.
They are not pronouncing judgements.
They are no deciding decisions.
Veiled is the Night.
The Temple and the Most Holy Places are quiet and dark.
The Judge of Truth
The Father of the Fatherless
Has gone to his chamber.
O Ancient Ones!
Gods of the Night!
O Bright One, GIBIL!
O Warrior, IRRA!
Seven Stars of Seven Powers!
Ever-Shining Star of the North!
Stand by and accept
This sacrifice I offer
May it be acceptable
To the Most Ancient Gods!


Once again we see evidence that the ritual in the Simon Necronomicon are also found in remote antiquity and were put into practice by the ancient Peoples of Mesopotamia. This gives credence to the book’s power. Due to the rise of theoretical “chaos magick,” many are left unaware that the ancient possessed an “exact” knowledge about how unlock regions of the chthonic mind with certain words of power and symbols given to them by what is known today as the Jinn. The Simon Necronomicon is a book of Jinn Science. However, somewhere down the line, due to laziness and pride, people got this idea that symbols can be effective even if they are “logically” invented. We find nothing further from the truth.

“Know, seventhly, of the Things thou art to expect in the commission of this Most sacred Magick. Study the symbols well, and do not be afraid of any awful spectre that shall invade thine operation, or haunt thine habitat by day or by night.”

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