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The other day I was in Barnes and Nobles, and I came across this book entitled, The Vengeful Djinn. It is a new release and one of the few resources, made available to the public, with information about the Djinn. The next day I decided to get a little bit more information about one of the authors of the book Vengeful Djinn, Rosemary Guiley. Her bio says it all:

 “Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a leading expert on the paranormal and supernatural. She conducts original field investigations of haunted and mysterious sites. She has written more than 40 books – including 9 encyclopedias – and hundreds of articles in print on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual and mystical topics, and possesses an exceptional knowledge of the field. She has approximately one million copies in print.”

 Rosemary has definitely put a lot of work into her practice, and since many practitioners of the Necronomicon Tradition claim jinn-human ancestry, I thought it would be a good idea to have a chat with the lovely Rosemary E. Guiley. Enjoy!

Warlock Asylum: After reading your bio, I was pretty impressed with the work that you have produced thus far, but for our readers who may be unfamiliar with your person, can you please tell us a little about yourself?

Rosemary GuileyI have been researching, investigating and writing about all things paranormal since the early 1980s, and have authored 45+ books and hundreds of articles.  I cover everything, A-Z, angels to zombies, and everything in between.  I conduct original field investigations of hauntings, portals, mysterious sites, and places where people have had entity contact.

Warlock Asylum: How did you become interested in the paranormal and the occult in general?

Rosemary GuileyThrough strong childhood interests, and some paranormal experiences with fairies and angels.  My mother had precognitive dreams, and that got me interested in extrasensory perception, out-of-body travel and remote viewing.  One thing led to another!

Warlock Asylum: You seem to have written a lot about various occult topics and subjects of paranormal interest, how did you get familiar in these various fields of study?

Rosemary GuileyAt first, through an intense amount of reading and study.  I also attended lectures and workshops, and took training in psychic development, energy healing and dreamwork.  I learned Zen meditation, which has been very important in my ability to expand consciousness. 

In the mid to late 1980s, I found fellow ghost hunters and began to go out on investigations of haunted places.  They were simple affairs back then, no fancy gear, but still very effective.  Over time, investigations became more frequent and more sophisticated.

I still do a vast amount of reading, networking, and interviewing, and I probably do more field investigations than most people in the paranormal.  For one thing, this is my full-time work, not a weekend activity on the side. I like to collect as much original data as I can for my books and articles.  Encyclopedias, of which I have written nine, are different; however, as they are compilation works, more dependent on existing sources.

Warlock Asylum: With all that you have written about, is there any particular area of occult research that you feel more attracted to than others, and why?

Rosemary GuileyIt’s hard to draw favorites, for I am fascinated by everything I research – everything fits together and is interrelated, anyway.  Presently, I am focused on interdimensional portals and entity contact experiences, in part because they relate to the entire spectrum of paranormal activity, not just a segment of it.

Warlock Asylum: Do you have any particular spiritual path? If so, how has it benefited you over the years and aided you in your research?

Rosemary GuileyI am deeply spiritual but not religious in the sense of belonging to a church.  Understanding the paranormal requires a working knowledge of, and a respect for, cross-cultural religions and spiritual traditions.  However, on a personal level, religions can be an obstacle to the paranormal, for religions do not encourage open-mindedness and thinking outside the box.  They want conformity and obedience to a set point of view.  The paranormal, just by its very nature, contradicts many religious beliefs.

Warlock Asylum:  I became acquainted with your scholarship when I saw your book “Vengeful Djinn” at Barnes and Noble. What inspired you to investigate this field of thought?

Rosemary GuileyThey kept crossing my radar in one way or another over a period of years.  The more I learned about them, the more I recognized their presence in paranormal experiences – today and everywhere.  Teaming up with Philip J. Imbrogno, an esteemed scientist and paranormal investigator who has similar thoughts on the Djinn, fueled a deeper inquiry.

Warlock Asylum: Being that many of the Initiates of the Necronomicon Tradition are of jinn-human progeny, and have become comfortable in seeing the positive nature in such, why does your book take a more “negative” stance, in lack of a better word, about the Jinn? Additionally, what justifies this prejudice?

Rosemary GuileyWe are definitely not prejudiced against the Djinn.  In fact, we feel they deserve a great deal of respect.  “The Vengeful Djinn” introduces them to an audience that knows little or nothing about them.  We discuss how people today are experiencing them, and those cases are weighted toward the problematic.  There are many Djinn who probably don’t pay us much mind or have any desire to interfere with us, and so we simply don’t have any interaction with them.  But we do have interaction with aggressive ones.  As we state in the book, the Djinn are like us in that there are good ones, ambivalent ones, negative ones, and outright malevolent ones.  The negative and malevolent ones have agendas.  Those are the ones people need to know about first, for they are the Djinn who are most likely to be encountered.

Warlock Asylum: Do you have any personal experiences with the Jinn?

Rosemary GuileyBoth of us have encountered Djinn in our investigations and research, and our encounters run the gamut from benign to tricky to hostile.   For the most part, the ones who are aggressive do like being investigated and want to stay hidden.   Some of them try to hinder our work by causing upsets and delays in investigations.

Warlock Asylum:  Do you have any upcoming projects concerning the Jinn, or other occult subjects, coming up in the near future?

Rosemary GuileyOur research is ongoing, and we are collecting material for a follow-up book, one that will explore some of the other aspects of the Djinn-human connection besides the problematic ones.  We also are encouraging discussion and the exchange of information on Djinn, including personal experiences, which are of help especially to paranormal investigators.  Articles and a forum for posting experiences are offered on our website,,

Warlock AsylumWhat advice would you like to share for Initiate in the Necronomicon Tradition and occult practitioners in general?

 Rosemary Guiley Initiates in the Necronomicon Tradition probably have more exposure to the Djinn than most Westerners.  Perhaps you could shed more light on the agenda of the Djinn, and who shall rule this planet..Thank you for the interview!

Warlock Asylum: Many blessings and thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. Readers who would like to stay in tune with the work of Rosemary E. Guiley, and purchase some of her many works, can find out more information about her by clicking on the link below:

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    Very interesting interview. I have never seen nor heard of Rosemary Guiley, nor seen any of her books – maybe because I live in Australia and there are few people interested in such topics. But even so, she seems most informative. I will look over her website and maybe comment further there.

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