Will Fatherhood Change Venger?

I am sure that many of our regular readers are more than familiar with the name “Venger Satanis,” also known as Darrick Dishaw. Venger a controversial figure in the occult scene, and also to many in the Gate-Walking Community. Here are a few links featuring some of our interactions:



2010 was a rough year in Cthulhu Cult history, which we have covered many times on this blog page. However, something miraculous has occurred in the Green Pope’s life, fatherhood. I am sure that many of our readers are probably wondering how fatherhood will affect Venger’s life? Many who despise his methods may wonder if he will finally grow up, others have speculated that this may weaken the Cthulhu Cult. So I thought it was best to talk to Venger personally and see if the prodigal son has returned home.

Warlock Asylum:  I would like to congratulate you since you are now close to being a father in the near future. It seems that you had a big year of useful surprises and some setbacks. Do you think that your perspective has changed, or will change when it comes to some of your opinions and how you present yourself to the public?

Venger Satanis: Thanks for the congratulations, Warlock Asylum….No, my perspective won’t change much.  Little tweaks here and there; my paradigm and that of the Cthulhu Cult evolves slowly.  Every three years or so there’s bound to be a slight shift.  Our religion’s foundation, however, will not see alteration.

Presentation depends on one’s audience.  For the most part, people only pay attention to bold, provocative action… shock tactics and the like.  Underneath, where few care to look, there is subtlety.    

Warlock Asylum:  I recently saw a YouTube video between Zach Black and yourself, and you mentioned putting a death spell on Dan Harms, how can you justify public announcements of this sort while claiming to be a teacher in the Fourth Way tradition? Also how do you think these sort of actions will affect your daughter when she hears of such?

Venger Satanis: The cursing or death magic placed upon Dan  Harms was brought upon himself.  Dan Harms led me to believe that he’d be a constant obstacle to my endeavors.  Obstacles should be disposed of, simple as that.  Paraphrasing what Michael Corleone said in The Godfather… it wasn’t personal, just business.

But that was back in 2004.  I’ve since realized that one must work within a certain framework.  If the Great Old Ones want someone kept alive, then a destruction ritual will not have its intended effect.  A pity, but there it is.  The Dark Gods must have some reason for keeping Dan  Harms around.  Maybe it’s to promote the Cult of Cthulhu?  They have mysterious ways I’ve found.

It is my belief, based on personal experience, that the ritual chamber is sacrosanct.  A magical space is subject to different and higher laws than what is ordinarily observed.  The expressing of negative emotions whilst performing a ritual will not poison the magician.  Just the opposite in fact, it is cathartic… cleansing.

Warlock Asylum:  Do you have any personal vendetta against Dan Harms? If so, would you like to work out some sort of agreement to put all of this aside?

Venger Satanis: No personal vendetta.  As I already mentioned, my curse was intended to remove an obstacle.  If Dan Harms wants to bury the hatchet, then I’ll listen to what he has to say.  I’m a reasonable monster… I mean, man.

Warlock Asylum: In recent times, you have been accused of copyright infringement, was this a willful act?

Venger Satanis: This defamation of character perpetrated by Dan  Harms and his little helpers is something I’m tired of talking about.  Those who want to hop onto the “I hate Venger” bandwagon don’t really need an excuse, but gladly latch onto any blog that wants to bash me.  Conversely, those who respect and admire my work aren’t discouraged by slanderous comments.

Warlock Asylum:  Some have wondered what is the purpose of the CoC, since a lot of focus is placed on yourself. What can the CoC offer a person who is looking to evolve spiritually?

Venger Satanis: What can I say?  Christianity tends to emphasize Jesus Christ.  I brought the Cult of Cthulhu out of Lovecraft’s prose and into reality.  I try to embody the underlying green current every single moment of my existence.  I worship the Great Old Ones.  As Ipsissimus Venger As’Nas Satanis, I am their living instrument on earth, the savior of all mankind.

Having said that, the Cult of Cthulhu would continue along its unwholesome path if I suddenly vanished tomorrow.  The purpose is to Awaken humanity from the sleep of life.  I’ve shown individuals the way.  Hopefully, in that regard, I’m no longer needed.  I simply make people aware of the higher consciousness possible, teach them how to reach it, and move on.  In that way, I help people… save them.  

Other Lovecraft devotees, Satanic priests, Fourth Way Masters, and gurus of the Left Hand Path could do the same exact thing that I do – if they put themselves on the path.

Warlock Asylum:  Recently you announced that you are working on the Necronomicon Satanis. Why do you feel that the occult community needs another Necronomicon? How will this “Necronomicon” differ from others released in prior years?

Venger Satanis: This one is NOT intended to be taken seriously.  I felt it was about time to collectively mock all previous attempts to scribe the forbidden book.  Necronomicon Satanis is a parody, yet there will still be a few invaluable gemstones amidst the nonsense.  

Gate One can be found here:  


Warlock Asylum:  A lot of people have been offended by some of your tactics as leader of the CoC, do you feel the need to offer an apology?

Venger Satanis: If I inadvertently hurt anyone who had good intentions either towards me or the Cult of Cthulhu, then I do apologize for injuries received.  However, those who purposefully try to become a thorn in my side deserve everything they get.  To attack me is to attack the Ancient Ones themselves!  Death would be far too gracious a blessing for such transgressors.

Warlock Asylum: What are your personal goals in life?

Venger Satanis: To continue doing what I have to do.

Warlock Asylum:  What is your opinion of the Gate-Walking community, and will you ever Walk the Gates?


…..It seems like some things change and some things don’t 🙂

Stay Blessed

7 thoughts on “Venger Satanis Proclaims Himself To Be The Savior Of All Mankind

  1. I’m sorry — what is the point of all this? Are you saying fatherhood is the natural result of Cthulhu worship?

  2. Pretty clear questions Warlockasylum. As far as I have read, the Necronomicon Satanis is exactly what you would expect it to be from the leader of the Cult of Cthulhu, the ravings of a madman! lol. I look forward to what the green pope will become during parenthood, maybe more of a monster?

  3. Dear Warlock Asylum,

    First, thank you for the interview. It was a pleasure.

    If it eases the tension, you can explain that I use the phrase Dan “plagiarism” Harms to remind everyone of his deliberate, wrongful accusation and/or allusion to my plagiarism regarding Cthulhu Cult by Venger Satanis. Once Dan “plagiarism” Harms has posted a full retraction and apology to me, which can be easily found on the front page of his blog, then I will drop my affectionate nickname for him. Until then, whenever and wherever I refer to the man, I shall use Dan “plagiarism” Harm in full. I’ve already used it on several occasions prior to this.

    His lawyer talk does not scare me. I have lawyers too… and a ferocious appetite for any kind of publicity I can get! Nor should it bother you, WA. In fact, I would love the opportunity to counter-sue him for defamation of character myself.

    So, you can either post the interview as I wrote it but with any kind of ass-saving editorial notes you wish at the beginning or end… or delete the entire interview from your blog. However, you can assure Dan “plagiarism” Harms that my interview not being on your blog won’t prevent the interview from seeing the light of day… nor the dark of night. Furthermore, proliferation of Dan “plagiarism” Harms will grow, not only from me but many, many others, until his retraction/apology surfaces.

    Let me know your decision ASAP, brother.


    p.s. Feel free to forward this email to Dan “plagiarism” Harms.

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Dan Harms is a good friend of mine. When I first met Dan, we debated and still do not agree on the use of the Simon Necronomicon as a format of ancient Mesopotamian spirituality. However, I cannot endorse putting a “death spell” on someone simply because of a difference of opinion. I think that things of this nature are left better reserved for extreme emergencies and protecting ones family.

      I put the words in red because I do not support these sort of actions nor harping on someone . Regardless if we disagree on certain issues regarding the Necronomicon,, you are a “cult” leader and issuing out a “death spell” over spilled milk is not an appropriate action, nor is it a good example of a leader who has some levels of influence in your group. I am disappointed by such behavior. How could you be “mankind’s savior” if your going around cursing people for reasons unworthy?

      If you feel that Dan has wronged you in any way, then you should exhaust all means to resolve it, but doing a “death spell” is the lazy man’s route and is an action that Gudjieff warned about. Now that your a father, what would you say if someone targeted such a “death spell” at one of your children? Everybody is someone loved in the world that they are living in, even though they could be an asshole to you and I, it still doesn’t mean that they are not a loving uncle, brother, father, mother, best friend, and etc to those that they are in contact with. So throwing out a “death spell” towards Dan Harms didn’t work NOT because the “Ancient Ones” wanted to use him for some divine purpose, but because he is loved by many people in his circle, including myself, and it is that love that protects the initiated man and woman from harm. Crowley said it best, but many of these new age occultist still don’t know the meaning of the words: Love is the Law!. Hopefully you will become the better man in all of this and write a rebuttal to your own words.

      Stay Blessed

  4. You make a lot of assumptions, Warlock Asylum.

    It was not a case of spilled milk. Lazy… or merely wanting an unpleasant chore finished quickly and without a lot of mundane fuss? If your picture of a savior never makes an omelet, then he’s missing out on a good source of protein. Both your losses!

    You will have the opportunity to show me your insights and wisdom, brother. But prepare yourself… Ipsissimus Satanis is nothing if not a symbol for reciprocity.


  5. I think its natural for conflicting literary mindsets to clash. Years ago Dan Harms used to kinda piss me off. Then I realized regardless of what I or anyone else thinks the man is still entitled to his opinion. Venger seems to have a Marilyn Manson like personality where controversy causes publicity. This is a persona which has worked well for many. Deadly force should only be used in the immediate defense of ones self or persons in ones presence. That is the legal definition of justifiable deadly force under law. Dan has caused a lot of publicity for Necronomicon which is just as good as bad. For any publicity is good publicity. Venger I would ask you to consider the fruits of such an endeavor. Sure Dan can say something that might conflict with our point of view. However if he were to no longer be around I think we might actually start to miss him. I love philosophy however philosophy without debate is dead. Because before we can be so sure of our opinions on things “occult” things unseen and hidden with no mass molecular stucture or substanace. We must also weigh and consider the opinions of our critics.

    Enki Bless

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