The weather was quite cool for the middle of May. Warlock Asylum had landed in Japan about two days prior. Authentic Japanese cuisine is one of this world’s greatest pleasures. Ironically, Warlock decides to lift his head and notices a young man reading a book entitled the “Necronomicon,” but it wasn’t the Simon Necronomicon. It was a Necronomicon written by Joshua Free. The young man lifted his head head up and indeed it was the avatar of the Mardukite Movement himself. Empty stares followed. it seems hard to determine that these two men paths finally overlap physically in some location on the other side of the world. They are neither friends or enemies. They both pursue what is now known today as the Necronomicon Tradition, and they also share other things. The following website is just one example: Joshua Free is not aligned with the same current that Warlock Asylum is. Both have written notable commentaries concerning the Simon Necronomicon, but it seems that Joshua Free has etched out his own tradition. The following website has detailed information about Joshua Free and the Mardukites:

You can also checkout his Youtube page:

In any event, these two guys are speaking for the first time in two years:


Warlock Asylum: Many readers and students are associated with the name “Joshua Free” from some of your work on YouTube, how would you describe yourself?

Joshua Free: I generally don’t describe myself – and try to live outside description. My living philosophy includes the fact that people are too misguided by their own semantics and vocabularies; these arbitrary ‘descriptions’ that seem to exist only to plot something within a spectrum of understanding. While I realize you are asking so as to ‘get to know’ me better for the audience – I feel that I am best described by my ‘way of life’ far more than any ‘-isms’ and ‘-ologies’ can reflect. Quite frankly; this is what I do, and this is all I do – and this is why I am here. It doesn’t end at a punch-clock, certainly it doesn’t even end at the “end” of the day! This is a 24-hour way of life for me, as it always has been and will be – I don’t really ‘exist’ in the social norm. The reason my work has been labeled “Mardukite” or “Systemology” is because it is ‘new’ to the brain and doesn’t require me to adjust the vision of what people already have concerning preexisting mainstream, and even underground, factions or organization, training and leadership. I simply AM – and anything else I might say on that is subject to a fragmented conscious experience and either wholly an illusion or highly subjective.

Warlock Asylum: How long have you been studying or working with the occult?

Joshua Free: [laughs] Since Babylon.

Warlock Asylum: What were the motivating factors in your life that led to pursuing the occult?

Joshua Free: Um… really just being who I am. I suppose there is no point in avoiding the topic any longer – as I have for the last three years of launching Mardukite Ministries and the Chamberlains. Folks around me have been wanting me to come forth with the story that they already have known from me more directly and personally but of which I don’t necessarily present to the public. That concerns essentially – who and what I am. In my rather unique position, I also have the wisdom to know how statements will be perceived by human consciousness and I have tread carefully on such matters. The complete story is too long to provide here – though I am currently working on such a forthcoming venture that should be able to fill in all the little ‘factoids’ that reflect my identity and purpose. One of the concerns has always been that it will be misrepresented and misunderstood as some wild claim or search for more publicity – which is why rather than reveal myself as Nabu, an Anunnaki messenger, son of Marduk, first priest of Babylon, founder of cuneiform in order to program the masses, and so on and so forth – well, then they might get distracted by me and not focus on the message. As a result of that, what some people call “magick” therefore just naturally falls within my domain of interest.

Warlock Asylum: What is your relationship with the Simon “Necronomicon”?

Joshua Free: We’re have a Fleetwood Mac relationship and continue to see other people. For those who don’t know Sitchin, or read about Babylonian mythology or epics like Gilgamesh – the Simon “Necronomicon” introduces a paradigm of epic proportions. I’m not really concerned here with getting into all the comparisons with Lovecraftian writings, though I’ve done this in the past at length in a work called “Necronomicon Revelations,” the fact remains that it is a book that effectively has changed consciousness and pointed the way, even led the way, for the possibility of the modern Anunnaki Mardukite Movement, of which the book is clearly a gateway to.

Warlock Asylum: What inspired you to write a “Necronomicon”?

Joshua Free: Cthulhu threatened to eat me if I didn’t. [laughs] No, seriously though, I have no issues with acknowledging that Lovecraft created a word, a title for a book – but those who judge a book by the cover or title are no more apt to understand truth than the next guy. My interest lies in the Simon work because of its connections to Babylon – not Sumer. All this hype and garb about it being “poor Sumerian” and all that – well, its not even Sumerian – it’s Babylonian, and the mere mention and centralization on Marduk should have tipped off anyone that. So when the critics misunderstand, set up a straw man, then blow it down to feed the belief they set out to prove – well that’s what we call “Systems,” and its just that kind of linear thinking that keeps people trapped, even the intelligent ones – for there are plenty of enlightenment deceptions waiting to preserve the integrity of the ‘secrets’ of the universe, indeed. The “Necronomicon” that the Mardukites released in 2009 was about 30% of our “Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible” a title chose because of its connection to the way in which the Babylonian Anunnaki Tradition, even in its most fragmentary presentation, has been best known to the occult mainstream – and that is the Simon “Necronomicon.”

Warlock Asylum: How has your life changed since becoming involved in occult studies?

Joshua Free: I don’t have anything of a normal existence, and for me it is just part of the game and the way it is. What you are asking is more reflective of what many seek for in the “New Age” that is simply, to me, another crutch to “get through” and not “get out.” Lonely housewives seeking fairies to help with dish-work and stuff-shirted elitists locking themselves away in dank chambers threatening spirits with blasting rods if they don’t make themselves visible – or even the simple use of the arts to acquire more worldly glamour, lust, money, ridiculousness… where is the spell to dispel ignorance in the human condition? Now, that would be worth exploration. [laughs] That these other things “exist” or “work” is not my argument. I simply follow the course that I am meant to take and that which brings me comfort and allows me to evolve as a spiritual being. There are also things that happen to bring one away from their course and we call those distractions and later try to attach a moral polarity to them. Every thought and action has the potential to change life.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to Initiates of the Necronomicon Tradition, as well as occult practitioners, in general?

Joshua Free: Seek self-honesty and the mystical wholeness behind existence rather than focusing on the levels and layers that have been veiled before you. The truth is right there. Sometimes we also have to work the system a bit by throwing the un-truth out right beside it. It is simply the way of things. Allowing us to keep existing and broadcasting the message to our agents who feel the “recognition” when they see a video, a title or a spirit. Don’t enshroud yourself with semantic and glamours of the world just to escape uncertainty. My advice? Keep growing strong, young clandestine sleeper cells, until it will be your time.

Warlock Asylum: Any final thoughts?

Joshua Free: Yeah, don’t trade the swords for plowshares just yet.

Although things are still muddy between these two “Jinns” things seems to be developing in slow and steady steps. This concludes another chapter in the great Necronomicon Tradition.

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    Hmmm !!!
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    Greetings! I’ve noticed a while ago that the online bookstore I usually order my books from had a Necronomicon in stock written by Joshua Free. Since I’m not at all familiar with this author I didn’t order it. Do you know if this book is worth adding to my collection? My regards, nightcaller.

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    Interesting interview…

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    Im curious of what Joshua Free’s experiences were in regards to walking the gates.

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