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I wanted address the subject of obtaining immortality through the Necronomicon Tradition. This topic has recently come to mind based on my experience as a Gate-Walker and an astrologer. Let me explain a little further.

While Gate-Walkers can testify to the lucidity they feel during lunar and planetary transits, they can also attest to a greater awareness of the adverse aspects of retrogrades and what have you. From an astrologist’s perspective, we know that when one is under the influence of planetary transits, every aspect of their “individual lives” can be determined, even death. Some of our readership may not be aware of “death astrology,” but there is an aspect of astrology that can determine the time of death, the cause, and location. I am not referring to issues in the 8th house either, which is often attributed to sex and death, but to those events that call for the end of human life. This aspect of astrology is not often discussed among anyone who is not a practicing astrologist, but I did find some information confirming its existence, for those who need it. The Gryphon Astrology Blog, posted this in their December 2006 edition:

“One of my astrological interests has long been determining death in the chart; many other astrologers (and people in general) prefer not to go there. This may have to do with our modern attitude toward death. We are simply not very comfortable with it. And yet, it is a huge part of life, and I feel is best to come to terms with it sooner rather than later. “

The statement, cited above, reveals that there is an aspect of astrology that deals with the calculation of ones’ death. Other evidence of this science can be studied in a book dedicated to the said topic, by Richard Houck, entitled The Astrology of Death. However, the question now arises, if the eventual influence of the planets leads to the “fate” of death, how should the Gate-Walker work with them?

This is a very interesting question, and one that is discussed in a recent article entitled, Mysteries of the Gate of Arzir. Before we go any further, the Mad Arab tells us that with a careful working of these rites, we can gradually become free of the astronomical influences that lead to death. Notice what is mentioned in his First Testimony and the Book of Calling:

“My fate is no longer writ in the stars, for I have broken the Chaldean Covenant by seeking power over the Zonei. I have set foot on the moon, and the moon no longer has power over me. The lines of my life have been obliterated by my wanderings in the Waste, over the letters writ in the heavens by the gods.”

Later, in the Book of Calling we read:

“Only charge them with them the words of the Covenant and they will do as you ask, of thou be strong. And if thou performest these operations often, thou shalt see things becoming dark; and the Wanderers in their Spheres shall no more be seen by thee; and the Stars in their places will lose their Light, and the Moon, NANNA, by whom thou also workest, shall become black and extinguished,..”

In both of these passages, the Mad Arab indicates that the rites of the Necronomicon Tradition will eventually lead the Initiate to a place where they are no longer under the influence of the planetary bodies. Although it seems like breaking the “Chaldean Covenant” was not a good thing, as written in the passage cited above, we find that the course of action taken by the Mad Arab was in line with ancient Chaldean thought. The science of the Chaldeans worked on the premise of moving beyond the planet’s influence. Why should our fate be unpleasant due to a planet’s retrograde, or what have you? History agrees with this also. Notice what is mentioned in the article Mysteries of the Gate of Arzir:

“The idea of stars as being evil, or as the Mad Arab would say, the most ancient evil, started at a very early date. In 1889, Sir Norman Lockyer, mentioned the following about the ancient Babylonians in Nature-Volume 40, page 360:

“….and the planets were regarded as evil spirits which disturbed the harmony of Nature…..While the Semitic religion emerged from tribal monotheism, the Akkadians followed a sect professing Mazdeism–that is, a religion admitting two principles, one good and one bad; but they thought that, as the good gods would not hurt them, it was wise to propitiate the bad ones, and propitiation easily led to worship. That is how the seven planets,…became their chief deities.”

Based on this information, the ancient people of Mesopotamia, viewed the planets as evil spirits originally, and offered them sacrifice to curb their evil influence from effecting their lives. There is a passage that appears in the Simon Necronomicon that can also be found in the Chaldean Oracles of Zoroaster, which goes as follows:

“Stoop not down, therefore,
For an Abyss lies beneath the World
Reached by a descending Ladder
That hath Seven Steps
Reached by a descending Pathway
That hath Seven Gates
And therein is established
The Throne
Of an Evil and Fatal Force.
For from the Cavities of the World
Leaps forth the Evil Demon
The Evil God
The Evil Genius
The Evil Ensnarer
The Evil Phantom
The Evil Devil
The Evil Larvae
Showing no true Signs
Unto mortal Man.

The passage cited above refers to the seven planets! The Chaldean Oracles Of Zoroaster (1661) Translated by Thomas Stanley gives an interpretation of the Oracles themselves and gives us the following summation of the passage:

“Stoop not down, for a præcipice lies below on the Earth,
Drawing through the Ladder which hath seven steps; beneath which
Is the Throne of Necessity.” /

He calls the Descention into wickednesse, and misery, a Precipice; the Terrestrial and Mortasl Body, the Earth: for by the Earth he understands mortal Nature, as by the fire frequently the Divine; by the place with seven Wayes, he means Fate dependant on the Planets, beneath which there is seated a certain dire and unalterable Necessity: The Oracle therefore adviseth, that thou stoop not down towards the mortal Body, which being Subject only to the Fate, which proceeds from the Planets,…..”

Since the planets casts “fates” that were hard to deter, the ancients regarded them as evil. Just imagine what happens during a Mercury retrograde. The energies emanated from the planets takes up no discretion in who, or what they effect.”

Based on the information that we have just reviewed, the Chaldeans entreated the planets at times, out of fear in most cases, not to receive an adverse effect from their emanations in certain signs or astrological aspects. While this may be the case, the workings of the Necronomicon Tradition, which reflects the “serpent cult’s” practices in the age of remote antiquity, before Babylon’s existence employs a formulae that enables the Initiate to rise above the planetary bonds. Notice what is mentioned by the Mad Arab in Of The Zonei and Their Attributes:

“The Chaldeans were but imperfect in their knowledge, although they had understanding of the Ladder, and certain of the formulae. They did not, however, possess the formulae for the passing of the Gates, save one, of whom it is forbidden to speak.”

The work that it takes for an Initiate to rise above the influence of the planetary realms “is forbidden to speak” in all mystical traditions. In our recent article, Keeping out Power Chained To The Underworld, we discussed how Buddhists, Christians, Shintoists, Taoists, and etc, all engage in practices of black magic, while their followers are shown “mystical” practices, though a few might find themselves initiated into the dark current to keep the said tradition alive. What is truth for the mystic and priest is not the same truth for the black magician that exists in every path involving the Greater Mysteries. The Black magician is not an evil, lazy Initiate, though there does exist those of this order, but the true black magician is one who works with the primal forces of the Dragon/Serpent current. This is why we find the famous mystic, G.I. Gurdjieff expressing the following, as recorded for us in the classical work written by P.D. Ouspensky, entitled, In Search of the Miraculous, page 227 states:

“Black magic does not in any way mean the magic of evil….Black magic may be quite altruistic, may strive after the good of humanity or after the salvation of humanity from real or imaginary evils.”

It is here that we begin to understand DinGir’s Enki’s role is not that of a trickster, but the force that regulates who can enter the realm of the dark and sacred from those who must continue to work on “daily” refinement. Work is work, and the work will continue as long as life does. The Initiate must Walk and re-Walk the Gates of Initiation until transition, or the Enki within their DNA, sees the reality of Tiamat in all things, or as the Magan text states:

“NINNGHIZHIDDA, Spirit of the Deep, Watcher of the Gate, Remember! In the Name of our Father before the Flight, ENKI, Lord and Master of Magicians…Open the Door that I may enter!”

“And who is their Master? Of this I do not know, but I have heard them calling ENKI which is surely a blasphemy, for ENKI is of our Race as it is writ in the Text of MAGAN. But, perhaps, they called Another, whose Name I do not know. But surely it was not ENKI.”

During this moment of realization the Gate-Walker no longer practices the Walking and re-Walking of the Gates, but uses the rites of the Urilia Text to enter the spheres of the Azonei, also known as the zodiac. It is here that the Initiate is taught directly by the energies that they employed during the Walking, by way of epiphany, way of physical conditioning and immortality. The knowledge is not in the Gates, but in how the Gates work through you. Many people who walk the Gates never realize that understanding and mastering the Gates is a lifetime process. The amount of knowledge contained in a Gate is equivalent, at a minimum, to the amount of knowledge contained on Earth. The value of our work ethic determines how far we will advance in mastery of the Gates and life itself. For example, a person may walk the Gate of DinGir Ishtar, but how long will it take for them to learn Ishtar and use Ishtar in their day-to-day lives? Aspects of Ishtar can be found in everything from the physical body to the stars in heaven. Some people just walk to enjoy a “safe” emotional experience and because of such remain unaware of the “egotistical demon” that prevents them from understanding the system. The Mad Arab, in his Second Testiomony states:

“But I must write hastily, and if thou cannot read nor understand this writing, perhaps it is sign enough for thee of the strength and power of the demons that be,..”

Knowledge is not is the Gates, but in how the Gates work through you. After the Gate-Walker has obtained a sufficient knowledge of the system, and through epiphany, they are to then make the transition from Gate-Walker to Ancient One. It is during this time period that the Initiate can create their own zodiac, which is done by entering a zodiac constellation and calling up a planetary body while in that constellation, that would best benefit the Initiate.

“I have traveled among the stars, and trembled before the Gods. I have, at last, found the formulae by which I passed the Gate ARZIR, and passed into the forbidden realms of the foul IGIGI.”

Notice that the planets are given different names than the Gates themselves, for they are to be used in the way we have just discussed. The Simon Necronomicon presents this difference in Supplementary Material To 777:
11. Air ANNA
12. Mercury GUDUD
13. Moon SIN
14. Venus DLIBAT
15. Aries AGRU (XUBUR)
18. Cancer SHITTU (SNAKE)
21. Jupiter UMUNPADDU
22. Libra ZIBANITUM (Ravening Dog)
23. Water BADUR
25. Sagittarius PA-BIL-SAG (HURRICANE)
26. Capricorn SUXUR MASH (FISH-MAN)
28. Aquarius GULA (HORNED BEAST)
30. Fire AG
30. Saturn KAIMANU
30. (bis) Earth KIA
30. (bis) Spirit ZI
Calling a Gate and calling a planet are two different things. We know from the information discussed earlier that the Chaldeans saw the movement of planets as somewhat “evil.” Therefore, the evil spirits employed by the Mad Arab were not “evil” in the modern sense of the term, but planets that he called in creating his own fate. The Gates actually refer to the 7 stars of the Big Dipper, while the movement of the seven planets indicate the aspect of the fixed star that resides in the Big Dipper. Gates of the Necronomicon, page 207 states:

“As the Shangqing alchemists have stated, the Dipper is really the essence of the seven planets, which are grosser forms of the stars…”

Notice what is mentioned by the Mad Arab in his Second Testimony:

“..and not, under any circumstances, seek carelessly to open that Gate to the Outside, for thou can never know the Seasons of Times of the Ancient Ones, even though thou can tell their Seasons upon the Earth by the rules I have already instructed thee to compute; for their Times and Seasons Outside run uneven and strange to our minds, for are they not the Computors of All Time? Did they not set Time in its Place? It were not enough that the Elder Gods (have mercy on Thy servant!) set the Wanderers to mark their spaces, for such spaces as existed were the work of the Ancient Ones. Were no Sun to shine, were SHAMMASH never born, would not the years pass by, as quickly?”

We know that the Mad Arab was able to write his own fate, and no longer succumb to the fate of the planets, based on a comparison of two passages that appear in the writings of the Mad Arab, one in his First Testimony, and later in his Second Testimony:

“(1st Testimony) My fate is no longer writ in the stars, for I have broken the Chaldean Covenant by seeking power over the Zonei. I have set foot on the moon, and the moon no longer has power over me. The lines of my life have been obliterated by my wanderings in the Waste, over the letters writ in the heavens by the gods.”

“(2nd Testimony) That this Book were an amulet, a Seal of Protection! That my ink were the ink of Gods and not of Men!”

The Mad Arab, based on the passages cited above, was able to live under the zodiac that he created for himself. Once one has entered this realm, of becoming an Ancient One, they is no turning back. They are no longer worshipping a god, or a pantheon of deities, but existing among them and learning from the Self that exist in all things. The Self that exists in all things, as the language of DNA is in everything. Notice what is written in the Second Testimony:

“Remember that the Essences of the Ancient Ones are in all things, but that the Essences of the Elder Gods are in all things that live, and this will prove of value to thee when the time comes.”

Recently, I had the pleasure of having some tea with Adept Sagdili Urbara, we spoke about the worship of spirits and gods of various kinds, versus the source. First I must state that practitioners of the Necronomicon Tradition do worship one god, or should I say goddess:

“And they do not know what it is they do, but they do it at the demands of the Serpent, at whose Name even ERESHKIGAL gives fright, and the dread KUTULU strains at his bonds: MUMMU TIAMAT Queen of the Ancient Ones!”

The Necronomicon Initiate does not worship an outer force, but learns the language of DNA, which exists in all things by walking the Gates. How is it that a bee can communicate with flowers, plants turn sunlight in the food, dog and birds talk through chirping and barking, but man not understand the world around him, if he was not “Dead, but Dreaming?” The language of DNA works on the principles of vibration and light. These are manifest in our physical environment by way of colors and sounds. The incantations and colors used in ritual, which is nothing more than a transmitter, uses these same elements. The Mad Arab writes:

“THE GODS of the Stars are Seven. They have Seven Seals, each of which may be used in their turn. They are approached by Seven Gates, each of which may be opened in their turn. They have Seven Colours, Seven Essences, and each a separate Step on the Ladder of Lights. ….The passing of the Gates gives the priest both power and wisdom to use it. He becomes able to control the affairs of his life more perfectly than before,”

The Dragon Gate

The Initiate is able to control the “affairs of his life” better because he/she is able to communicate with the world around them. He/she is initiated into being acknowledged by living wold. It send messages of communication to him/her. What is ironic in all of this is that the science of astrology really illustrates that your life, prior to initiation, was being controlled by planetary forces, but for some strange reason humans think that they can just go straight to the source, as if the fact that there is one President in America means you don’t have to listen to a police officer. Dead, but Dreaming of a concept that is not validated. The idea of one god is often a form of idolatry in itself because this “one god” is nothing more than a mental idol existing in the temple of the mind. Think about it. There is no difference between an idol made out of wood and stone and one that exists your mind. See people may laugh at the Necronomicon Tradition, or what have you, largely to due to their own intoxication of aesthetics. You know how many times hear people debate about the Necronomicon Tradition and if it is a complete system? Actually it is, but to understand its completeness you have to work. So in other words people like to have everything laid out in front of them, enact a mechanical action, be it a physical exercise, or ritual prayer, all of which must be practiced, several times a month or day, and somewhere in their minds they believe that this is mystical or spiritual and never realize that their actions are just as mechanical as the planetary influences that they are trying to free themselves from. What they are really seeking is a pat on the back for being able to follow instructions, as if a relationship with a conscious entity is based on do what i tell you to do. What they fail to realize is what made Jesus the Christ, Buddha a Buddha, Mohammad a Mohammad, and Moses a Moses, all comes down to the same esoteric truth. These avatars all worked with incomplete systems and by making them complete unto themselves they entered the dimension of god. The journey is the reward. This is why we find the following words in the Tao Te Ching:
“The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named is not the eternal name
The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth
The named is the mother of myriad things
Thus, constantly without desire, one observes its essence
Constantly with desire, one observes its manifestations
These two emerge together but differ in name
The unity is said to be the mystery
Mystery of mysteries, the door to all wonders”

Knowledge is not in the Gates, but how the Gates work through you. History reveals that every avatar worked in developing a system that appeared to be “incomplete” to the masses, but in perfecting its completeness unto ones’ Self, comes the complete understanding of ones’ purpose, as well as, the universe. If a person must be told what to do, it is beneficial for earthly things, but it also reveals that they do not have a relationship with the divine. The Necronomicon Tradition extends an invitation to the Initiate to understand Self by first working with the same primordial energies that were responsible for the manifestation of the material world and through the development and emotional connection with these same forces that exist within oneself as in all things, they begin to understand the divine nature of the world. Unfortunately, the false ego of the human being insists on strengthening itself by feeling that they are one with god because they are able to follow a religious law, or follow an organization that has an array of techniques and prayer stances. Sounds like people are too concerned with impressing others with their “spirituality,” Gate-Walking is for the purpose of creating an astral body. It is scientific. Belief ultimately means you do not know.

The path of self-discovery means that you have to work with a system where everything isn’t spelled out completely and in that effect, things become spiritual because they are not mechanical. We must all learn how the machine works, but the machine is not god. The idea of one god comes in the ability to recognize Self in every thing around you. Therefore, the shamanistic path is the work of a true mystic, for the shaman has learned how to communicate with all aspects of nature, including the stars, because he/she knows the quality and quantity of “divine” energy expended in his/her environment, and can talk to god in a temple that exists in a tree, a moon, or even a rock. This is divine. It is for this reason that we find ancient people assigning numbers to planets because the Self exists in all things and once the Initiate knows this, he/she can speak to god in the mirror, or by talking to a bird, but never in a mechanical manner of capturing an image of what god is in the mind, for that god will always be good to us. It will always be our friend and it will alway justify our actions, forgive us due to a simple prayer, and it is for this very same reason that these so-called “spiritual people” will learn only death. The Christian Bible states in Matthew chapter 7:

“Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’….Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’”

The second thing we must cover is that the Mad Arab never called a Watcher. He was Initiate into the rites of Ganzir, a chthonic society, but was shown the formulae how one can initiate themselves into the system. So it is that once the Initiate has passed the 7 Gates they must call the Watcher in a different manner. Dead Names page 235, mentions that a ‘careful reading of the Magan Text reveals a secret formulae. This formulae is found in the Magan Text, we read:

“Know that our years are the years of War
And our days are measured as battles
And every hour is a Life
Lost to the Outside
Those from Without
Have builded up charnel houses
To nourish the fiends of TIAMAT
And the Blood of the weakest here
Is libation unto TIAMAT
Queen of the Ghouls
Wreaker of Pain
And to invoke her
The Red Water of Life
Need be split on a stone
The stone struck with a sword
That hath slain eleven men
Sacrifices to HUBUR
So that the Strike ringeth out
And call TIAMAT from Her slumber
From her sleep in the Caverns
Of the Earth.”

Tiamat means the “maiden of life.” In the Necronomicon Tradition, Tiamat is the word used for Self. Notice what is mentioned in the Simon Necronomicon Introduction:

” as much Leviathan as the Kundalini of Tantrick adepts, and the Power raised by the Witches. It has always, at least in the past two thousand years, been associated with occultism and essentially with Rites of Evil Magick, or the Forbidden Magick, of the Enemy, and of Satan . . .. . . and the twisting, sacred Spiral formed by the Serpent of the Caduceus, and by the spinning of the galaxies, is also the same Leviathan as the Spiral of the biologists’ Code of Life : DNA..”

Interestingly, once Marduk raged war with Tiamat, (It should be noted that “war” and “intercourse” are one in the same, based on the knowledge of Ishtar) he too was able to create his own zodiac:

“From the Blood of KINGU he fashioned Man.
He constructed Watchtowers for the Elder Gods
Fixing their astral bodies as constellations
That they may watch the Gate of ABSU
The Gate of TIAMAT they watch
The Gate of KINGU they oversee
The Gate whose Guardian is IAK SAKKAK they bind.”

The Tablets of Destines was stolen from “man” by the movement of the planetary bodies. This represents the death of the subconscious and superconscious by the conscious mind, which occurs shortly after human birth. However, we see in the example of Ishtar that both the dead (the super-conscious) and the demons (the subconscious) are reactivated:

“And the Demons rose
And the Spirits of the Dead
And went with her out of the Gates
Looking neither right nor left
Walking in front and behind
They went with ISHTAR from the Gate of GANZIR”

Afterwards we read that when the “Lover” of Ishtar descends into the realm of Ereshkigal, the “Dead will rise and smell the incense.” This means that those who exercise the rites of Ishtar have the wonderful opportunity of experiencing immortality and enlightenment through the process of self-discovery, via self-initiation and physical cultivation in the rites of the Serpent cult. We will continue this discussion in a future article.

stay blessed!

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  1. once again, you have managed to knock me out of my seat with your knowledge and your ability to put it into terms that even a newbie like myself can comprehend, though i will have to read this article a few times to get it all in, for sure. thanks so much for all that you do. Cheers.

  2. I’ve seen the last of my stars die off in that great abyss…your statement is a mere whimper of the resonance felt from my dissonance of disbelief in this universe and into the one of my choosing.

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  4. so the 7 evil spirits mentioned (in the magan texts was it?) were the planets after all. amazing.
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    i dont remember if it was israel regarde or someone else who wrote a book for a ritual on how to brake free from their hold.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Not necessarily evil, but more a mechanical rule. This was the thought of the Chaldeans and the preisthood of Kutha, which gave birth to the magical arts as we know it. The Simon Necronomicon, provides a method of breaking free from its hold. This is when we see the progression of man to superman. Read the account of Ishtar’s Descent with this in mind and you will see that these initiations are in many schools of thought. Some more primal than others.

  5. Great post, of course I will never revere TIAMAT as being evil, as she is my love and wife through ritual brought upon me by TIAMAT herself. I have written down texts such as the MAGAN text that refers to as being evil, however I’ve known her long enough and well enough to know her being, know her body, and know her thoughts. Even though my immortality comes from TIAMAT, still, great post.

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