“There is above the Celestial Lights an Incorruptible Flame always sparkling;

the Spring of Life, the Formation of all Beings, the Original of all things!

This Flame produces all things, and perishes but what it consumes.

It makes Itself known by Itself.

This Fire cannot be contained in any Place.

It is without Body and without Matter.

It encompasses the Heavens.

There goes out from it little Sparks, which make all the Fires of the Sun, of the Moon, and of the Stars.

This is what I know of God!

Strive not to know more of Him, for that is beyond your capacity, no matter how wise you are.

As to the rest, know that unjust and wicked humans cannot hide themselves from the Presence of God!

No subtlety nor excuse can disguise anything from His Piercing Eyes.

All is full of God, and God is in All!”

— The Chaldean Oracles

Taken from http://blausternschlonge.wordpress.com

3 thoughts on “Prayer of the Fire Priests — Secret of the Empyrean

  1. King Solomon JahTeel IH IHVH Melech Melchizedek says:

    WOW! Spectacular, utterly breathtaking!

  2. as always, your offerings to us are powerful. this is something with substance, and it will make us all take pause to reflect. thank you Brother Optimystic. we are definately not hearing enough from you these days. Cheers and Blessings


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