People can say whatever they want to say about racism and being prejudiced, but your complaints are weak. I don’t care if you’re black, white, gay, or whatever, you haven’t seen what means to be discriminated against. There have been more “witches” killed for being who they are than people killed during the Holocaust or the Middle Passage.

I know I have been discriminated against for use of the term “Warlock” Asylum by people in my own art form. People who worships a “god’ that needs a human sacrifice to forgive people. Meanwhile, these Muthaf*&^ers, and I do mean muthaf*&ers, have taken the persecutors position with pride. They will entertain themselves with music that talks about killing other people, watch rampant homicide on television, and pay big money to become the shining star in an industry that promotes such things. They are just as hypocritical as the “god” they worship. They never ask themselves why were, and are, the witches  persecuted?

While some people do use the craft for the sake of negative intent, like anything else that touches human hands, a lot of this resentment was created because witches know the truth of a certain matter. In the book, Spiritism and the Cult of the Dead in Antiquity by Lewis Bayles Paton, we find the following observation on page 261:

 “The dark holy of holies of Solomon’s temple, with its anteroom, in which a lamp was kept burning and bread and incense were offered, was the counterpart of an ancient Canaanite tomb…,Sacrifice is a rite that has meaning only in the cult of the dead. The blood, in which the life of the animal resides, is poured out in order that the shades may drink of it and renew their vigour. Offerings of food and drink are not needed by celestial deities, but are needed by spirits of the dead, and have been offered to them from the earliest times…,and were afterward extended to other divinities..,”

So all of these “gods” that required sacrifice to forgive people were spirits of the dead or ancestor spirits. This practice was later adapted to celestial gods. So this idea that the creator of the universe needs a sacrifice to forgive people is a hoax, and witches have known this for years.

Basically, it is widely known in the field of academia that ancestor worship is the oldest spiritual practice and from this ‘gods’ were born. The tribal shaman was revered as a community leader, plus he/she had great magical ability. When this tribal leader died, he was given food and drink, sometimes blood, to help strengthen him/her in the “afterlife.” It was a sacrifice. Some of these spirits of the dead were rebellious and encouraged their descendants, who were still on the earthly plain, to conquer other people and indoctrinate them in the worship of a particular tribe’s ancestor, which was now revered as a “god.” In turn, this spirit of the dead, now turned “god,” gained power and could bless his descendants with earthly treasures. In 1911’s edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica; A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Volume 2, by Hugh Chrisholm, states the following on page 55 states:

 “…in Australia it cannot even be asserted that the gods are not spirits at all, much less that they are spirits of dead men; they are simply magnified magicians, super-men who have never died;”

Since these spirits of the dead, now turned “gods,” were gaining power as more people worshipped them, based on the sword of course, they needed to get rid of any “competition” that would interfere with this process, and thus begins the persecution of warlocks and witches. Any means to deter people from this long standing science was, and is still in use today. Unfortunately, as seen in the YouTube video below, this form of discrimination is now the causing the lost of life among children.

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