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Gate-Walkers Under Deception

If one is truly gifted, would they not use such a gift in helping the universe evolve? What happened to the Gate-Walker that is true to self?


I would like to welcome everyone to the Papers in the Attic blog page. If this is your first time here, please feel free to check some of our previous articles and do not hesitate in sharing some of your insights and comments.

Many of our regular readers may have noted that the topic of our recent articles have been that of improvement of both self and our Tradition overall. I should state that I am presently working on our message-board and connecting such to a website and an introduction page; If you are able to give a donation, please feel free to do so, but only if it no pressure or problem to your current economic situation.

Readers may have also noticed that many of our recent articles have been focused on clarifying the purpose of our Tradition. I find this to be important because of the responsibility placed upon the Initiate of these Qliphotic Mysteries. Unfortunately, many have misinterpreted the meaning of these rites, so we thought it would be useful to present some information that would help clarify the meaning and purpose of the Necronomicon Tradition, known today as Asaru Culture.

The wisdom gained from working with the Qliphotic Mysteries is an amazing thing. Every day, I hear of the miraculous experiences that Initiates of the Necronomicon Tradition are experiencing all across the world. It is a blessing to see our Tradition flourish after years of suppression and accusation of our path’s authenticity. There are many, who after criticizing our path, are now testifying to the power of this system after entering the initiatory phases of the work. Yet the purpose of this work is still misunderstood by many.

The knowledge we gain from our work is like a compass, it will guide us through life’s perils. However, if the owner of the compass in one degree off in their knowledge and understanding of the path, they will find themselves miles from their point of destination after having traveled the road for  some time. After being involved with the work, I see that of the biggest misconceptions has a lot to do with the Ancient Ones.

For some reason or another, many claiming to be initiated, still do not understand the Ancient Ones! Enki is an Ancient One. Anu is an Ancient One. Ishtar is an Ancient One. Nanna is and Ancient One. The Mad Arab makes clear just who and what the Ancient Ones are early in his writings:

“Let all who read this book be warned thereby that the habitation of men are seen and surveyed by that Ancient Race of gods and demons from a time before time,”

Here we see that the Ancient Ones consist of both gods and demons. In other words, the Elder Gods and their demonic counterparts are this Ancient Race. The Mad Arab mentions that for those wishing to improve their lot in life should do the following:

“The passing of the Gates gives the priest both power and wisdom to use it. He becomes able to control the affairs of his life more perfectly than before,”

If one wishes to improve their lot in life, they will make use of the gates through the Ceremonies of Calling after Walking the Gates. It’s that simple. The Mad Arab also tells of another working:

“These are the prayers of the ensnarers, the liers-in-wait, the blind fiends of Chaos, the most ancient evil…These incantations are said by the hidden priests and creatures of these powers, defeated by the Elders and the Seven Powers, led by MARDUK, supported by ENKI and the whole Host of IGIGI;”

The Mad Arab also gave instructions for working with the darker side of the primordial force. These forces are described in ancient Mesopotamian mythology as “liers-in-wait.” They are called such because the knowledge you can gain from them is incredible. But if the Initiate for such workings they will find that the knowledge they receive, though unique, has nothing to do with their life’s progress. They will become intoxicated with such and make an erroneous assumption about the work and its purpose.

Man isn’t responsible for what is going on in the earth today, but the Initiate of the Qliphotic mysteries is. This is why this knowledge was given to Initiates, so that they could adjust the atmospheric conditions on the planet. This is what this knowledge is reserved for. When you look at the conditions in the world, it is our fault that things stay as such and many Initiates of our Tradition have failed to band together to work on the challenges that Mother Nature has presented us with.

When you look out into the world and see the natural disasters, famine, war, and other painful conditions, we know that these things are occurring today because the Gate-Walker is failing at his job. Mankind remains under the veil, still asleep and in ignorance. However, the Gate-Walker is not asleep. He or she is conscious of his/her actions and is held responsible by the forces that control the universe for the protection and safety of this planet. It’s too bad that some have been misled by the “liers-in-wait” and bitch and moan over the Earth’s condition, over man’s condition, but make no great effort to aid in the evolution process. It remains evident that these “lier-in-wait” forces have slowed down man’s progress and are on the brink of destroying man since the Gate-Walker is too caught up in personal issues of themselves and those around them. This mentality is like taking a shower in a dirty home. They are truly lost.

It is for these reasons that this path is unlike any other. Too bad some have mistaken it for such. This idea of taking it easy after initiation is for fools. Initiation is just the beginning. Our path is godly and demonic. It is a twin-folded path, one that serves the community and the evolution of self. Until these principles are understood by the Gate-Walker, he/she will still be wandering around in the desert of deception.

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