A Gate Has Been Broken! Now let's learn what is needed to close it!

A Gate Has Been Broken! Now let's learn what is needed to close it!
A Gate Has Been Broken! Now let’s learn what is needed to close it!

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to the Papers in the Attic blog page. If this is your first time here, please feel free to review some of our previous articles and express your insights, questions, and experiences by posting a comment. Stay blessed!

Shortly after the Oracle of Enheduanna was released, I spent quite a bit of time reflecting on the Necronomicon Tradition and the efforts of the Asaru Clan. It is definitely a blessing to see newcomers and the advancement of those who have taken these studies very seriously. Recently, we were quite delighted to announce the addition of three new members to our administration team. It is indeed a blessing.

On the other side of the coin, I have observed some mishaps by those participants in our tradition who ignorantly use the Tradition as a means of gaining power and in the event of such things the system backfires on them. Everyone who has walked the Gates or works with the rites contained in the Urilia text will experience such on a lesser level. This is due to the adjustments that we have to make in life to obtain a “divine standing” in the universal scheme of things. To put it bluntly, a gate has been broken!

Prior to the time that the Oracle of Enheduanna was released, some of older subscribers may recall an experience in which I interacted with a spirit from the realm of Ishtar who was upset about how the rites were being enacted. At first, I thought this may have had something to do with the Simon Necronomicon’s approach to the Sumerian Mysteries and it blend of Thelemic and Lovecraftian concepts with such. This message perplexed me for some time, as I received a lot of benefit and insights by use of the Simon Necronomicon and becoming a Practitioner of such. Today, when I reflect on the message that came to me, I see that it has nothing to do with the structure of the Simon Necronomicon. It is a perfect initiatory tool; the “uncleanliness” that the genii from the realm of DinGir Ishtar was referring to in the “actions” of those participating in the rites. It is these things that many walking through the Gates, Initiates of the dark hall, have fallen short on.

“Remember, always, in every empty moment, to call upon the Gods not to forget thee, for they are forgetful and very far away.”

The passage cited above appears in the First testimony of the Mad Arab. It admonishes us to ‘call upon the Gods in every empty moment.” This means that instead of giving way to “imagination” use the time to pursue divine thought and action. Remember, the divine work can only be carried out in day-to-day life. Notice what is written by the Mad Arab:

“The passing of the Gates gives the priest both power and wisdom to use it. He becomes able to control the affairs of his life more perfectly than before,..”

Whatever activity the Mad Arab engaged in he was mindful of his place in the divine order of things. During his writing, he would interject “may Anu have mercy upon my soul.” In every moment he called upon the gods. It is unfortunate that many in our Tradition have turned away from such activities and seek not true transformation. Let us look at one example of how a gate has been broken.

“Know, first, that the Power of the Conquerors is the Power of the Magick, and that the stricken gods will ever tempt thee away from the Legions of the Mighty, and that you will feel the subtle fluids of thy body moving to the breath of TIAMAT and the Blood of KINGU who races in your veins. Be ever watchful, therefore, not to open this Gate, or, if thou must needs, put a time for its closing before the rising of the Sun, and seal it at that time; for to leave it open is to be the agent of CHAOS.”

From the above passage we see the Mad Arab mention that ‘The Power of Magick is the Power of the Conqueror.” Yet, often times I have seen many act like in a manner that is just the opposite to the admonition given here. “The Conqueror” in this case is the true self fighting against the false persona. Later, in the Magan Text,we are told ‘know that our years are years of war.’ Outer conflict is only a manifestation of internal conflict. The reason why some in the Tradition are facing such conflicts is because they have not rectified their internal self. They have not worked upon themselves while they were walking the Gates.

I have observed how some would employ a gate and then feel uncomfortable and then want to rush to another Gate. These sort of desires are desires of wanting to go back to sleep and feel comfortable. They are not the desires of personal transformation and must be shunned. Anytime an Initiate has a rough time in a “gate” it means that they have things to work on in that sphere of life. If they avoid working on themselves in relation to these things, they are only deceiving themselves. Do you know how many times I’ve heard Initiates say: “I don’t like that Gate! I don’t like that side of the system!” What do they do when faced with such ordeals? They run to another Gate. There are times when planets may be in retrograde or going through a “negative” astrological aspect. We are not speaking of such things for even retrogrades teach us many things. Instead, on working on themselves, truly becoming Conquerors, they seek only to feel good emotionally, so as to appear comfortable. For an Initiate to say that “they don’t like a particular gate,” it means they feel uncomfortable about working in that aspect of life. Yet the said passage has also a practical application.

“and that the stricken gods will ever tempt thee away from the Legions of the Mighty, and that you will feel the subtle fluids of thy body moving to the breath of TIAMAT and the Blood of KINGU who races in your veins.”

There is only “one set of gods in the Necronomicon Mysteries and these are an “Ancient race of Gods and Demons,” as we are told by the Mad Arab in the First Testimony. Both “sides” can be beneficial depending on the attitude and purpose of invoking such. In this case the “stricken gods” would represent primordial emotions and negative thinking, which influences our day-to-day experiences, as these forces are easy to reveal themselves and by such, ‘tempt the Initiate away from the legions of the Mighty.” How does this temptation take place, and what it is it?

In order for us to understand how we are tempted by the “stricken gods” and the nature of such, it is important for us to review the context of the passage in question:

“and that the stricken gods will ever tempt thee away from the Legions of the Mighty, and that you will feel the subtle fluids of thy body moving to the breath of TIAMAT and the Blood of KINGU who races in your veins. Be ever watchful, therefore, not to open this Gate, or, if thou must needs, put a time for its closing before the rising of the Sun,”

A review of this passage illustrates that the way in which we are “tempted” is based on the desire to “open the gate.” The desire to do magick is the very temptation that many are faced with. In the above passage, it is called ‘opening the gate.’ Gates of the Necronomicon by Simon, states the following on page 224:

“To the mad Arab, any act of contacting the Dead, various spirits, or monstrous entities was an act of “opening the Gate”: the Gate to the Underworld, which is perceived by him to exist both below the earth and somewhere in space,..”

Any act of divination is an act in opening the Gate according to the Mad Arab. It is by the foolish “desire” to do such that one becomes weak. This whole idea of “I’m going to do a working because things aren’t going right in my life,” is often a desire from an evil spirit to encroach further in your life.

Recently, I’ve seen such “negative” forces play tricks on some of the newer Initiates by making them think that someone is attacking them so that they can employ these same energies for protection. Meanwhile, these spirits are deceptive and only wish for you to open the Gate and give them life in this world. A spiritual attack would leave certain evidence that the Initiate would no of such. No Necronomicon energy would in =form an initiate of a spiritual attack if it hasn’t already protected the Initiate itself.

I’ve been spiritually attacked before and went to the DinGir asking for protection, and very few times at that. I didn’t return the attack of what have you because that’s an opening for negative forces to enter into the world. The greatest act of magick is to refrain from doing a ritual. This was what the Mad Arab was implying. Once you have passed the Gates and obtained some wisdom from the stars that dwell beyond, you have gained your initiation. Now you spend 90% of your life in building up your virtue by recognizing that every action, thought, and emotion emanating from you is a prayer to the gods. 95% of all ritual working should be about cleansing and banishing, not employing a ritual for every little thing. Learn from the example of DinGir Ishtar in Of the Sleep of Ishtar.

In the Magan Text part 4, we encounter the account entitled Of the Sleep of ISHTAR, similar to the account of Ishtar’s Descent. The Simon account is a modified version of such, as its main focus is to explain some of the steps of initiation. The text begins by saying that she set her mind towards the ‘Black Earth, the Land of Cutha.’ This is interesting because the Simon Necronomicon is described as the Book of the Black Earth.

When Ishtar left the gates of the Underworld she left with the following:

“And the Demons rose
And the Spirits of the Dead
And went with her out of the Gates
Looking neither right nor left
Walking in front and behind
They went with ISHTAR from the Gate of GANZIR”

The “Spirits of the Dead” and the “Demons” that followed Ishtar out of Ganzir are known today as the sedu and the lammassu. Legends of the Fire by Robert Lebling made the following observation on page 224 of this classic work:

“Another Babylonian demon called the sedu was possibly a guardian spirit, like the qarin/qarinah which we shall visit later. But it was also seen as having evil propensities. The sedu and a similar demon called the lamassu.”

In ancient Sumerian texts, DinGir Ishtar is described as having a sedu and lamassu in front and behind her. When Ishtar left Ganzir the spirits that followed her out were looking to bring someone into Ganzir in her place, which led to a lot of grief and sorrow for DinGir Ishtar. She was able to do some very powerful things with the “mes” she gained and her immortality.

We learn from this that any act of divination, specifically, those of a Sumerian nature are nothing to fool around with. Instead of doing numerous and pointless rituals, focus on cleansing. If we are not clean emotionally, mentally, and physically, whatever energy we may draw down from the stars will not reach us as needed.

Another problem that is occurring comes with investigation of other systems. Recently, some have experiment with esoteric prayer with much benefit. While it is useful to learn a few things here and there from another path, it is best to learn these systems in their entirety. The prayers in question, I know well. I am also aware that these “esoteric prayers” are very effective in raising energy both good and bad. Therefore, if one is in need to banish such negative energies that will surely arise, they would have to do so in a way that is appropriate to that paradigm.

It is good to see many grown in this Tradition and make tremendous efforts in various fields of life throughout the years. Let us press on ever forward with the appreciation to use what we have learned in our day-to-day experiences and in our relationships with others. For how we live our life is the greatest ritual of all.

21 thoughts on “Is There A False Prophet Among Us? A Gate Has Been Broken!

  1. great article it bring alot of clarity due to the fact i prayer more than anything for i am unable to do many rituals and i like to progress slowly

    glad to see all is well
    blessing Big Bro

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      @Black ce’zar…where have you been? good hearing from you.

  2. Tania Dean says:

    I really loved this article,and completely agree with the concept of refraining and understanding that it is indeed banishing and cleansing and living a life of constant observance
    really really great article!
    thanks for this,it came at a perfect time
    keep up the good work
    very eloquent

  3. Necronomicus says:

    This article is piece of gold.

    Thank you Warlock Asylum.

  4. Excellent work, Brother! Sometimes the temptation to lash out and call upon the forces we have interacted with is too much to bear and we give in, but you are correct that our focus must be in purity before the DINGIR. I re-learned this lesson in my recent experiences, and I am much more focused because of it. Many blessings and much gratitude for this offering, Brother!

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Thank you Dr. Nixx

  5. Nice Post ! Filled with Gems of Wisdom. I have learned a lots from your thoughtful posts.
    Thank You, Messiah !

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      @Jyotishmoy…thanks..we have you been hiding at?

  6. The gate of din Gir Nanna has part of the key of understanding. The purpose of magick is to learn how to work the affairs of life more efficiently. This implies that if trough magick which is what we learn to help our selves and this implies that we are to learn. The key of this is to learn of how to solve our lives without magick, trough our own force.
    Warfare is illogical and senseless and only brings distruction of both parties. No one wins. Desire by qabalistic attribution belongs to the sphere of Venus, this kind of material desire can move the most peaceful to bloodshed just to realize that even at victory the cost was not worth it.
    Strive for wisdom, beauty and understanding. Because that which is understood is beautiful and from prefect understanding emanates perfect love.
    In other note:

    Mim to xaba cla
    Mim is greek short for imitations or image.
    Xaba cla does not appear on greek but when applied the rules of pronunciation can lead to Kabbalah.
    Kabbalah was developed after ezequiels vision on Babylonian exile. Thus the necronomicoight be putting the proper context to an otherwise Mesopotamian practice. Which make sense since the principles and ideas of Kabbalah is so aloe. To Jewish thought. If this proves to be right it would make sense. I was readin and original Kabbalist saw the system as a way to pass certain gates to the divine, these gates where guarded by Angela that will stop the individual unless the individual knew the name of the angel an their powers were nullified. Interesting. See history channel documentary on Kabbalah.

  7. What is mentioned before can apply to life. The only way to repair any part of your life is trough knowing what it is. By knowing its name, name is the power. The gates reveal this knowledge to us.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      @Dakkel…yes the gate do reveal areas of life we need to work on and correct

  8. Thank you for this article. A great refresher in the true path. Some days are very tempting, and I am very greatful for the knowledge, wisdom, and protection I have recieved. Many men have gone completely insane by wrongly opening the gate(s)- or piercing the veil as some refer to it. Whenever I perform a ritual I (usually) take great care to consult the tarot beforehand for guidance in the true purpose, and to not let my aggressions control my actions…And it has probably proved to preserve my health and sanity on more than one occasion. Two years ago I walked over 500 miles on the brink of insanity as the result of interfering forces that nearly swayed my hand. Then on St. Patrick’s day I lost a close friend…It changed me forever. I consulted my tarot deck and learned exactly what I had feared…Eight of swords; Interference. Misdirected energy. Neglect of important matters. Lack of persistance. Unforseen bad luck. Restriction. Great care in some areas, disorder in others.
    But I would like to add that those interfering forces…seem to have…shall we say… reaped they sowed. My sanity has (partially) returned, and I have yet any regrets….But I regress, We look foreward to bear -with SCORN- the bloodshed which APPEALS to today’s HOPE. Thank you for the article. It was not only well written and informative, but very timely too!!

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      @Johnny…very true

  9. Ummmm, I hope it wasn’t me… This past wed I summoned Malphas and consecrated a sigil for protection as I noticed a big whole in my aura that looks like it was made by multiple punctures by an attack done against myself around three months ago or more. But I didn’t use anything from the nec, it was done using another system. I’m a little worried now.


  10. Great article. Reminds me of something I heard: “Pray not for a task equal to your strength, but rather pray for strength equal to your task.”

    It’s human nature to want life to be easy, but it is in hardship that we learn most.

  11. Excellent…it is foolish to do any working out of anger or desperation…two of the emotions that need control. Thanks.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      @Masshu1 ..People who are motivated to do ritual out of fear and other loathsome emotions are not aware of it, but deceived by the energies that they employ. Some practitioners fall victim to this because they do not test the energies that they are in communion with. In other words, if an energy professes to be the energy of “Ishtar” lets say. Its actions and message must be of the same characteristics of DinGir Ishtar as she appears in ancient mythology. This is always a sure way to know to what you’re dealing with, always check the characteristics of the energy with the said spirit’s mythology. The energy that you are in communion with should have the same characteristics as the spirit it claims to identify with as seen in its said mythologies.

      The second thing is that trickster spirits encourage the practitioner to work out of fear. They feed off the emotion of fear. It can be as simple as some spirits telling you that you need to do something or else you’re going to face bad luck, this is fear. They will tell you that you need to do something or you will get attacked, this is fear. If the practitioner follows such advice, he/she will be working for that which should be controlled by the magician. Simon mentions the following in the Necronomicon’s Introduction:

      “Man’s power to alter the nature of his environment must develop simultaneously with his ability to master his inner environment, his own mind his psyche, soul, spirit.”

      So the true magician has acquired his ability to enact “Magic” based on inner changes. Yet, these “miraculous” gifts should not be sought after. Practitioners of this path should not investigate certain things, “just to see what happens.” Simon continues:

      “Yet, he must remember that the occult powers that accompany magickal attainment are ornamental only, indications of obstacles overcome on the Path to Perfection, and are not to be sought after in themselves, for therein lies the truth Death.”

      The most powerful magicians never use special effects.

  12. I must admit tht my first working of magick where La Vey’s destruction rituals with outstanding success. But magick functions in accordance to the laws of nature. One of the laws of physics says that nothing can be destroyed only changed, and as such when magick is used your specific situation in your life, that situation is changed at the expense of other areas. Is like filling a vacuum by taking the energy of one part and putting it in other this creating another vacuum and never properly filling he hole.
    After the demise of the individual I was confronted with the reality of my actions, it is here that many are right in the fact that a master of magick must learn to move beyond the good and evil labels and see things as they are and not based on our fragmented perceptual abilities that are largely dependent and what we know and our decisions flawed by what we don’t know. I learn that the individual that I felt was attacking me not only had reasons but he was doing his job. And to this day I regret this. La Vey wrote that an expert on satanic philosophy wod do little to no destruction rituals because he has learned to see and understand others perspective. It is my belief that a master of magick learns that which we call understanding, perfect understanding brings love and from perfect love emanates wisdom and peace. Also trough our workings we learn trust in universal laws and the fact that most actions are followed by an usually unexpected reaction and that actions are spells that depending on how flawed your decisions are the energy cast out will bring equal or greater energy to your life. The law of attraction.

  13. james hamilton says:

    yeah thanks for the advice.

  14. Brother, that was an excellent article. Thank you for sharing this knowledge and wisdom. Peace.

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