I send my deepest sympathy to the family of Trayvon Martin. You are in my prayers. I feel sad for the American people because they worship an evil god that is a much more capable of taking someone’s life than George Zimmerman, and that’s the news media. If you really want to see “justice,” just think about this for a second. How many times have we been through this? There is a crime that the media focuses on, one that a great majority of people express outrage over. People talk about it among themselves. Then a verdict is delivered that has everybody up in arms, and while this cycle keeps repeating itself over and over again nobody ever thinks that it is instituted by design. Meanwhile, people are being murdered everyday and the only murders that are followed by the masses are the ones that the media lays focus on.

The news media has people so hypnotized that women are grabbing their pursues while passing other human beings on the street while smiling at all the cute dogs in the vicinity. Some dude that thinks he’s masculine makes the feminine gesture of emitting a bodily fluid when he makes eye-contact with another man. It’s called spitting on the ground.  To make matters worst, the majority of people who are born in America believe that they are from another country, a place that they have never visited before, nor are they accepted in the land that the claim lineage from as kin. This is truly a state of being invented by the “news media,” which will continue to help create a nation of people with low self-esteem.

If people can’t learn to love themselves and love each other, justice will never prevail. There can be no “power to the people” if there is no love between them. So if you want to see some form of justice in the near future, it is best advised that you leave the narcissistic attitude at home. You could still look for the shortcut answer, but society is going to keep turning out such tragic events until the majority of people refused to worship what the media feeds their minds.

Racism, sexism, murder, and other hideous crimes were all invented by ancient and modern media. Today, people just can’t wait to be identified with such things, or use events surrounding to make that emotional, self-glorifying opinion. “I chose this side!”

America is lost! It’s people were deceived into believing that the idea of goodness has to do with creating this great need for impressing others. Truly a satanic quality indeed. How sad! How sad! The world mourns for America!

Warlock Asylum

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