Occasionally, life sometimes presents us with the fortunate opportunity of meeting an individual who is free in their resolve to share with us a greater wisdom they have cultivated on their path. Perhaps, you may have witnessed a person capture the attention of everyone at the party, just by entering the room. Maybe, it’s that special something that you just can’t put your finger on, but deep down inside you know that there is something different about this person.

Many of us have heard statements like this, sometimes pertaining to a psychological drama that we find entertaining. Ultimately, it is only later in life that we learn that this rumored “mysteriousness,” worn by a class of discreet individuals, is the mark those engaged in the work of spiritual cultivation.

Cindy Nicole carries this bright hallmark of being. I am sure that those who know her personally can attest to the magnitude of charm and inspirational demeanor she is blessed with. Cindy is one of the few people, that I know of, who is free enough to help others in their own transformation by shamelessly exposing her own flaws and what she had to do to overcome these things. Invitingly, her warmth facilitates growth that is nurtured by her brutal honesty. It’s a Libra thing!

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Cindy Nicole a.k.a. Cin Diesel. It was a very encouraging experience. I am sure that after reading the following interview, you’ll understand how belief in self is one of the greatest gifts life can offer!

Cindy Nicole is an entrepreneur, life-coach, mentor, and living proof that the art of spiritual-transformation is a scientific fact.
Cindy Nicole is an entrepreneur, life-coach, mentor, and living proof that the art of spiritual-transformation is a scientific fact!

Warlock Asylum: I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions and share some of your wisdom with us. However, for some of our readers, who may not be familiar with your work, how would you describe yourself?

Cindy Nicole: I already feel limited in having to use words. To experience my radiant smile and playful energy is best done in person. My ultimate work in this world is to transform myself into the highest version of myself in order to become a beacon of light, lead by example, and coach others to live a life of co-creation versus one where they deny responsibility and suffer from the delusion that life is happening to them. Giving back to the world through my intuitive, transformational, coaching practice both excites and energizes me. The nature-based joyshops and retreats I co-lead with Magnetic Explorators, nurtures me and those I work with. In addition, my work propels me to walk my talk as a role model for the women who participate in my events and coaching. I also love making things, which is something I do regularly. Today, it’s yarn animal tails to help people become more playful and courageous in their lives. Not too long ago, I recently held a workshop in New York City to educate others on the benefits of play. I came up with 16 benefits and that was a limited list! Also, in the realm of making things, creating, art, poetry, and collages are some of my favorite ways to express my essence and convey the love I wish to bring to the world.


Warlock Asylum: One of the things that many people appreciate about you is your love for spiritual things and quest for a knowledge that is best used in self-transformation. In your own words, can you tell us how these qualities became a prominent part of your personality?

Cindy Nicole: Wow! I’m already feeling seen and honored by this question. I grew up in a variety of religions, an experience made possible by my parents, who decided to round out my education. This opened my eyes to see that people basically want the same things in life, and that there are various paths one can take, without any particular one being better or worse, just different. Growing up, my mom had my brother and I read The Science of Mind, which is non-denominational, spiritual and metaphysical magazine. At the time I tried to push it away because I didn’t value it. It wasn’t until many years later that I started re-reading this publication, as my mother had continued the subscription for me.

In my late-20s, I became very ill to the point of not being able to get out of bed. This catapulted me into a deeper discovery of who I am; a path of self-transformation which I continue to travel. Without explanations or cures from Western doctors, I was left to question and discover my own healing path, which led to a profound understanding of how the world really works. Everything is connected!

I started looking to the spiritual realm for support, insight, and healing. This led to further development of my psychic skills, upon which I gained access to my own answers. I came to realize that we all have this amazing ability to tap into this “other realm,” and that energies existing outside of ourselves can greatly affect us, as well as our own energy, stemming from what we tell ourselves or believe to be true. There was a Buddhist quote that I read about how it’s just as important to clean up our internal thoughts as it is to clean up our physical body. I watched Lissa Rankin’s TED talk, where she presents the concept that our bodies mirror the way we live our lives. This inspired me to look at what needed to be adjusted physically and what needed to be cleansed mentally. All those negative thoughts created depression and my body responded by shutting down, so I didn’t have to go on. I wasn’t taking responsibility to live my life in alignment with my soul’s desires.

Once I realized the power of thought, I diligently worked to combat those negative thoughts by replacing them with an abundance of positive ones in order to counteract those I wanted to make disappear. I stated my intentions every morning to see how I could affect my mood and experiences for the day. I finished my day with gratitude, learning that what you give thanks for, multiplies. I even started giving thanks for things which had not yet happened in order to help bring results faster. I implemented countless strategies and support systems, read numerous insightful books like Shadows on the Path and Inner Bonding. I attended transformational programs like Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, and most recently, a nine-month coaching program on how to co-create my life and guide others to do the same.

"The health challenges are really what led me to begin my spiritual journey back home to myself. "- Cindy Nicole
“The health challenges are really what led me to begin my spiritual journey back home to myself. “ Cindy Nicole

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the obstacles and challenges that you had to face on your journey in order to make your reality what it is today?

Cindy Nicole: The health challenges are really what led me to begin my spiritual journey back home to myself. Some of these physical challenges have ranged anywhere from surviving a concussion to atypical migraines causing temporary paralysis of the left side of my body. Other challenges include vision disturbances, broken bones, car accidents, physical therapy to learn how to walk again, knee injuries, near-drowning situations three times, electrocution, heart arrhythmia, various breathing issues, broken bones, random passing out, thinning hair, candida, parasites, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, heavy metal poisoning, numerous allergies, a locked jaw for months, and depression.

Some of the many other challenges are those which I willingly signed up for; since I purposely tried to face my fears so that they no longer have control over me. I used to be extremely shy and modest. I knew that in order to become the woman I was meant to be, I would have to be courageous and push myself little by little. I constantly threw myself into scary situations in order to grow. I remember getting on a plane to France the day after high school graduation. I wanted to spend a summer in a country where I didn’t speak the language. Traveling has been one of those great teachers, where I have learned to trust and have faith that the Universe is taking care of me. Some of the other ways I’ve motivated myself are running off the edge of a mountain with a parachute, living with a variety of roommates (approximately 23), teaching on the Yakama Indian Reservation, speaking in front of large audiences, surfing, despite my fear of the ocean, going for a week at a time without eating, traveling through 28 countries, attending Burning Man multiple times, leaving my family and moving first to Seattle and then to New York, where I got laid off a few months after finding a job. Shortly after, bed bugs came to greet me. Now I am starting a new career, more in alignment with who I am and what I want to contribute.

Warlock Asylum: I’ve notice that a lot of your work is geared towards the empowerment of women. What inspired you to incorporate such a theme in your work? 

Cindy Nicole: I attended a course for women a couple of years ago, which had a great impact on me. The lady who organized it, pointed out, that women are the ones keeping each other repressed by how they interact with each other. They bond over complaining, lash out in jealously, and don’t trust one another. Being a part of the sisterhood that she cultivated was inspiring, supportive, challenging and motivating. I gained a new perspective and understanding of women. I now view all of them as my sisters. Although the course has ended, I still belong to this huge community of women–for however long I choose. I’ve seen how women can help each other rise and turn their lives around for the better! Women crave the alliance and support that comes from another loving non-judgmental sister. Being open to whom I serve, however, I’ve noticed that women are the main ones gravitating to me and asking for guidance. They can relate to me as a woman and recognize how I’ve upgraded my life. They want to know how to access these changes for themselves. There are tools I can teach them, share with them, but it is not the same if it is coming from a man. And since women are primarily the care-takers and educators in the community, their personal empowerment stands to help the majority.

Warlock Asylum: How do you feel about the role of women in our society today? How important are women when it comes to propagating true spirituality?

Cindy Nicole: It’s now the fourth wave of feminism. Meaning, it’s the era of sisterhood. It’s time to engage in a new conversation to raise consciousness and awareness in the world by starting with what we tell ourselves. It’s important to realize that our thoughts manifest into the physical. It’s up to women to place a higher value on themselves and educate others how they want to be treated. Traditionally, women are the caregivers, yet many of us don’t even pay attention to our own self-care. By demonstrating our worth and value through dedicated commitment to ourselves, we can show others how we wish to be treated and engaged with.

Mothers have the opportunity to be role models for their children. They can teach their sons how to gain a wider appreciation and knowledge of what it’s like to be a woman, and how one likes to be pleased. Mothers can teach their daughters by demonstrating positive body image and positive self-talk. When your kids, family, and friends observe you taking care of your needs versus pushing your needs aside, they will be inspired to get more in touch with their own needs and desires and act on these. I believe a lot of what drives negativity in this world is unrecognized and unmet needs and feeling a lack of loving acceptance for who we are. I believe it’s important to work together, support, and inspire each other to raise ourselves up out of the loneliness and the darkness.

Fathers are also important role models for their children in many ways; from simply showing up and being there for them, being transparent with their feelings, and in their actions of how they treat women. Men, in general, have been taught not to show a full range of their emotions including crying. They have pent up anger and stress all because they are being taught from a young age that they are not acceptable as is, I think this really erodes the inner character of a lot of men in society. Men have the opportunity to uplift themselves by being courageous enough to start this conversation and share their feelings with each other. 

Women are imperative in order to lead a spiritual movement, to help transform the world. Women are created as life-givers. They are innately in tune with birthing, life-force and bring the creation of many kinds into this world. Men have an equal role, albeit a different one. A healthy balance means that women and men work in tandem. In order to transform the world, we have to start with our own personal transformation. Perhaps, women are the best catalyst as they know best how to transform and nurture a seed into a flowering entity. In transforming our own lives, we also realize that we affect the lives of those around us and are thus capable to change the world with this ripple effect. Ultimately, we are all connected.

Warlock Asylum:  I would like to congratulate you on the recent formation of Magnetic Explorators. Can you tell us how this company came about and what is its purpose?

Cindy Nicole: Thank you! I’m psyched about creating a community to support and inspire women to unearth and pioneer their Path of Power, to live their luscious legend, and become forces of natures for themselves and those around them. This company idea came to me while having lunch with another woman in the Coaching for Transformation course we were both taking together. While talking and sharing our visions, we realized how much we had in common. We decided to jump right in and start planning our first women’s retreat in nature, which took place last October (2014) in the Hudson River Valley. We believe that when the magic of nature is embraced, women are able to embody their magnificence and create abundant success, which ignites a spark in all of us. A Magnetic Explorator is someone who forges new paths. She is a pioneer that magnetizes what her soul longs for. She thrives in any circumstance using her Magnetic North Star as her compass. Her human nature radiates in nourishment from Mother Nature. As we’ve been developing this growing community, I’ve been amazed and grateful about the spiritual synchronicity between my business partner and myself.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to someone who is searching for their path spiritually? 

Cindy Nicole: Spend time alone in silence. It would even be better if it’s in nature. Travel. Go on a fast and see what’s left without the distractions. Ask questions of the Universal Collective Consciousness. Ask to be shown answers and then watch them appear from a variety of signs. Specific animals may suddenly show up to impress their form of medicine on your consciousness, or you may overhear a conversation that will provides an answer from the Universe. You may find the message in a book, or a friend mentions something. I always ask to be shown my answer at least three times to be sure. One question, I was really wrestling with was answered ten times in one week. At that point, there was no room for denial. I think spirituality is really about having a deep connection with yourself, nature, all things, including the Universe.

When we feel connected, we are more grounded, trusting, and able to see how we can directly affect change. We all have this ability to connect to our inner wisdom. That’s a big part of what I help my clients achieve when I work with them. One of my favorite books, Shadows on the Path by Abdi Assadi, came at a time when I was seeking clarity. It was the start of another major growth phase for me. The book’s content is raw pure truth, and it explained many of the questions I had. Assadi advises against the continual pursuit of looking for your next spiritual teacher, emphasizing that it’s just a distraction from actually doing the work yourself. With my coaching practice, I’m continually returning people back to themselves to co-create what they want and how to do the work, while I support them on their journey.

Warlock Asylum: It was great meeting up with you over the summer. Can you please tell us about your experience in the Amenonuhoko Healing session and how you relate to the energy?

Cindy Nicole: Hmmm, that feels like so long ago and my recollection is faint. However, I remember it being relaxing as I rested in the chair and you silently moved around me directing energy. I enjoyed your intuitive reading afterwards and the breathing technique which I still use. My boyfriend says he noticed that I started sleeping through the night after my session and that my stomach started feeling better. In general, I believe setting aside relaxation time with the added bonus of someone sending you positive intention and energy is healing in itself. It’s only when your body is out of the flight or fight response, that it can begin to heal itself.

Warlock Asylum: It has definitely been a joy hearing your wisdom and knowledge about life. What are some of the goals you have set for the future, and your work?

Cindy Nicole: I’m really interested in creating fun products and joyshops that enhance and inspire personal growth and well-being. I’ve got some pretty outrageous ideas in mind for products and a wide breadth of knowledge to share with others. As part of getting my voice heard and sharing my unique expression, I will be finishing my Cindy-Nicole and Magnetic Explorators websites and the other marketing materials, so I can connect with more people and develop my clientele. In a couple of years, I see an expansion of my outdoor women’s retreats, reaching the West Coast and other locations outside of New York. Most importantly, I will continue to inspire others, while on my path and make sure I maintain balance in my life. As I stretch into new territory, I will keep pushing my growing edges. 

As a woman thinketh? The journey is the reward!
As a woman thinketh? The journey is the reward!

Warlock Asylum:  Any final thoughts?

Cindy Nicole: Live without regrets. Love, forgive, and find that thing that inspires and pulls you through your fears. Our greatest desires lie just on the other side of our greatest fears. Fear is the key to your growing edge. If you continue to be aware of it, and push through your fear, little by little, your view of what’s possible for yourself and your life will greatly expand.

Warlock Asylum: On behalf of The Art of Ninzuwu, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude for taking the time to answer a few questions. We send our blessings and thanks, not only for this interview, but for being who you are in the human community. If you would like to reach Cindy Nicole for more information about one of her workshops, life-coaching, or some of her many talents, please click on the links below: cindy@cindy-nicole.com https://www.facebook.com/cindynicolecoach


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