The Art of Ninzuwu offers courses in Reiki
The Art of Ninzuwu offers courses in Reiki

Reiki has grown to become a very effective system of esoteric healing and spiritual transformation. Information regarding the Tengu’s influence in Reiki is provided our course. Not only is instruction in the Traditional Healing Method of Reiki provided, but also a rare knowledge that will aid the practitioner in making the most of their Reiki experience. This is a brief overview of the Reiki course offered in the Art of Ninzuwu. If you are interested in studying Reiki with the Art of Ninzuwu, please email us at Thank you for visiting us. Have a blessed day!

Reiki I Shoden : History
  1. A Brief History of Early Japan.
  2. Understanding Shinto.
  3. The Meaning of the Kami.
  4. History of Buddhism in Japan.
  5. History of Mount Kurama.
  6. Understanding the Influence of the Tengu in Reiki.
  7. Biography of Mikao Usui.
Meaning of Reiki
  1. Definition of Reiki.
  2. Origin of the term Reiki.
  3. The term Reiki and its relationship to the Yokai.
  4. The true purpose of Reiki.
  5. What does Reiki mean today.
  6. Learn the Gokai (Five Reiki Principles.)
Please note that an Esoteric History of Reiki will be discussed prior to Reiki 1 Attunement.

Reiki I Attunement
  1. Understanding Ki energy ad its meaning
  2. How to cultivate Ki energy within ourselves.
  3. Tuning into Ki energy within ourselves and others.
  4. Reiki I Attunement.
  5. Healing hand positions.
  6. Administering Reiki on oneself and to others.
Reiki I Attunement Fee is $60.

Reiki II: Okuden
  1. Introduction to the first three jumons and Reiki symbols.
  2. History and origin of Reiki’s first three symbols.
  3. Important mental and emotional cultivation practices.
Reiki II Attunement Fee is $60

Reiki III: Shipiden
  1. Advanced methods of integrating Reiki into one’s life.
  2. Meaning of the fourth Reiki symbol and Jumon.
  3. Learn the methods of lineage transmission and initiate others.
  4. Teaching and daily practice module.
Reiki III Attunement Fee is $75. After Reiki III Attunement students are given additional training on how to conduct a business designed to promote Reiki healing, making a spiritual path as a healer, and how to maintain one’s own lineage.

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