America Is Still Learning From Dr. Martin Luther King's Dream
America Is Still Learning From Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream


Dr. Martin Luther King left quite a legacy in the areas of both civil and human rights. Books, movies, and other forms of media have preserved King’s plight that helped change how Americans interact with each other. We are now approaching the commemoration of King’s life once again, as his birthday is now a national holiday. What did America learn from the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, if anything?

1. It must be stated that Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday is not an African-American holiday. It’s an American holiday because Americans had to learn equality.  It’s quite insulting to think that a group of people’s acceptance by those who previously unaccepted them into certain areas of society is beneficial to victims of racial biased. That would be a very dysfunctional view of the meaning and purpose of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.

2. One thing about Dr. King’s vision for America was that it was perhaps more patriotic than many former United States Presidents. Ironically, if Dr. King’s message is not heeded in modern times, it will lead to the downfall of America’s economic and social structure. The bottom line is this; you can’t build a great American country while everybody is looking at themselves as anything but American.

3.  Being “African-American” is not what Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday was about. Let me get this straight. I know black people are not stupid enough to hear Rev. Jesse Jackson use the term “African-American” on television in the 1980’s and then decide to use that term on some of form of legal documentation. I know black people are not that stupid. Forty years ago, the term “black people” included many ethnic groups, even Asians. Why would you want to take that unity away by dividing black people up into groups? No, this term African-American is like going into slavery itself. Take a census to see how many so-called African-Americans have ever visited Africa. After you do this, ask yourself who would work on a house for over four-hundred years, and then seek to rent an apartment across the street? Are you crazy?!!! You’re American. Notice how black on black crime has risen since several members of the black community started using the term “African-American.” Why? Because in using this term many Black Americans have chosen to ignore their ancestors who are native to this land, real Negritos and some other Native American families. I must also comment that originally the terms “white person” and “black person” was a title reserved for the “white” and “black” occultist. I will write another article on this later.

4.  Stop voting for politicians and start electing human beings. Politicians don’t care about people. People care about people. Start voting for people who value their position in government with honor and the humility who know that it was an office granted to them by the people. We don’t want to hear politicians using phrases like “That’s what the American people want,” like they are really in touch with the American people. We don’t need politicians using terms like that. Those phrases are reserved for people, not politicians! People who are on the plight to improve the world we are living in. Martin Luther King’s character is often associated with non-violence and love, as those were the most noted qualities of his message. If one is going to make a campaign to reduce violence use Dr. King’s ideology in your work.

5. Instead of the “so-called” civil rights’ leaders of today engaging in random and meaningless protests or what have you, the extermination of “racism” from our environment can be done by passing into law one simple act. All you have to do is, call it what it is, a mental illness. You would no longer have to screen cops for acts of biased misconduct. They would have to be tested for “racial” mental illness before taking the job. This goes for many other job titles in law enforcement and administration of government. If the human behavior, such as segregation and etc, were deemed unsuitable for society, why isn’t there a clinical metal condition attached to this form of behavior so it can be diagnosed, treated, and cured? People may laugh at this suggestion, but at one time homosexuality was treated as a mental illness. Today, it has become an accepted social behavior. Why can’t racism be classified as a mental illness?

6.  Anybody could do anything, but the most advanced people have the responsibility of taking care of the environment. Instead of all this bickering about different ethnic groups superiority and what have you, it is good to recognize that all of them are on the same plateau because none of them have made it a priority to care for the earth. Yet many of the different races that pray to a “god” who is said to have given man the job of caring for the earth. Based on such, all races have fallen short of god’s glory. That’s just one side of the coin.  On a universal level, things are measured by what it consumes. Can you tell me how one race is different from another keeping the said principle in mind?

7.  Anyone who promotes this idea that the “America is the greatest country on Earth,” still believes in segregation.  There is no goodness in such phrases. It is said by entertainers, politicians, and pseudo-activists to promote the feeling of contentment in a country that is bi-polar by history and its own philosophy. If you don’t believe America has some “bi-polar” issues to resolve, just ask yourself; “how can America consider itself a Christian nation when Jesus said his kingdom was no part of the world?” It’s just something to think about. The first act of patriotism is analyzing and curing the problems in ones’ own land so that land can flourish. America can parade around like a first world country all it wants to, but this too is a misguided concept. Just because a few economists get together and say you have a “first world economiy” doesn’t mean you’re a first world country, far from it. A first world country is a utopia of sorts. Laws  do not have to be made to prevent people from killing each other, the intellect and virtue of the people are as those living in a “first world” perspective. Dr. Martin Luther King gave America some real “first world” intellectual and moral principles to bring it closer to becoming a true “first world nation.” Why is it taking America so long?

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