2017 Moorish American of the Year

2017 Moorish American of the Year: Sharif Anael Bey

Wafubeh! I would like extend a warm welcome to all those visiting Warlock Asylum International News. We are so happy to celebrate the reins of life with all who appreciate our shared experience. Wishing you all the best in our earthly endeavors. Have a blessed day!

2017 Moorish American of the Year: Sharif Anael Bey

2017 Moorish American of the Year: Sharif Anael Bey

Moorish American culture and identity has become a hot topic in certain circles of internet dialogue. For the most part, member of this community center their lives around the cultivation of virtuous qualities in their spiritual work and in seeking to become an asset to the human family overall. Recently, however, we find that disenfranchised components of the community involved in crime and other behaviours unbecoming a Moorish American, which has caught some media attention. It is due to such circumstances that we find  elders in the Moorish community taking responsibility in educating others, as to its mission and true purpose.

Sharif Anael Bey is one Moorish American taking the lead in such matters and proving himself to be an example in the community.  He is a representative for Yee’s Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association and operates a branch of the organization in Syracuse, New York.  In 2016, Sharif A. Bey effectively demonstrated the wisdom of Moorish Science in his debate with Dr. Reggie.

Sharif Bey is also a founding member of Ali’s Men, a non-partisan group of researchers, writers and lecturers from various Grand Bodies from various circles of the Moorish Science Temple of America Inc.  Ali’s Men has played a very effective role in bringing a lot of clarity in defining the true purpose of the M.S.T. of A. and its mission.

Bey has authored a few works in Moorish Science. Recently, I had the opportunity to review his book, Al-Iksir Sagala: Portable Illumination for the Moorish American, which is an amazing piece of work. We are grateful for all the efforts that Sharif Anael Bey has put forth in uplifting fallen humanity and restoring the dignity of the Moorish American identity in these trying times. It is in this spirit of honor for this mission that we are happy to announce his appointment as 2017’s Moorish American of the Year!

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